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Mobile security is the protection of various portable digital devices like mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, laptops from threats associated with mobile computing. Mobile security is also called wireless security and it has become an important concern of wireless computing, especially with respect to business and individuals information that is now being generally stored on such devices.
The sensitive data contained in the mobile device is at high risk if an employee forgets or leaves it somewhere outside the company premises. This in turn, may lead to leakage and misuse of data by an unauthorized person or group. Another concern is malicious software, known as malware which gets installed into the device all of sudden. However,the application behaves normally, but it uploads the sensitive data available to a remote server in a secret manner.

Mobile Device Security

The loss of mobile devices was the major impetus behind the high-profile data breaches. The extensive adoption to BYOD environment has increased the evolving organization-wide breaches from employee devices. Companies with more advanced needs thus need to ensure that their employees have register their devices on company's mobile device management system so that they can gain the benefits of automated mobile security policy in compliance with the industry standards.

Mobile Application Security

Mobile application security encompasses various measures taken throughout the life-cycle of mobile application development to prevent flaws in the security policy related to development, deployment, and maintenance of the application. Since applications can only control the type of resources granted to them, managing the resource grant to the users and their security provisions is a big challenge.

Mobile Web Security

The modern communication scenario represents a major threat to mobile data and contents exchanged over the web services and browsers. One of the major threats is phishing scam that wittingly targets the users of mobile devices to trick them into providing their account password, and the like sensitive information. Since a variety of mobile devices happen to be constantly connected to the Internet services for access, these threats pose persistent ceaseless issues related to exploitation of users data on accidental visits to harmful websites.

Mobile Content Security

A huge database of sensitive information of various enterprises is nowadays residing on different servers and files including cloud. These enterprises mainly involve banks, health care providers and product innovators that need to keep their data secretly for operations and instant access. As the trend on online data backup continues to flourish, the content of the data is unlocked when accessed by the users such as employees, thus making the issue of content security crucial for corporations to ensure data privacy.

Take Advantage of Enterprise Mobile Security Solutions

Most of the businesses employ mobile computing devices as a means for organizing their work and exchange of information. Such devices have become the source of new attacks as they compile a huge amount of sensitive information. This information needs utmost protection from the attacks to assure the privacy of intellectual property and users of the company. The need of mobile security arises for the following reasons.
? IT consumerization is being extensively adopted for connecting employee-owned devices to the corporate network.
? The insecure exchange process can generate unseen deep vulnerabilities in the smooth control of information systems.
? Use of corrupt or risk prone software has high probability of getting attacked from both the operating system and the web browser.
? The unprotected exchange environment puts before the risk of malicious software arising from different means of communication.

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