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FlexPod can help your organization continue its journey to the cloud with a scalable platform, up to 50% lower TCO and nondisruptive operations.

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The ESG white paper, FlexPod: The Gateway to Your Private Cloud, outlines how your organization can:
Spin up and provision VMs in a matter of seconds
Reduce storage required by up to 60% with deduplication technology
Decrease time spent in break-fix mode by up to 80%
FlexPod is a pre-validated solution from proven vendors, Cisco and NetApp. Its supported by a special 90-day no-payment, no-interest financing offer.

How your organization benefits

FlexPod scales up or out, accommodates a variety of workloads, and accelerates deployments with lower TCO.

FlexPod is composed of NetApp® Data ONTAP® OS and storage, and Cisco networking and compute components.
Ultimately NetApps storage pricing advantage makes it more attractive to alternatives while delivering the same capabilities.
The result?
Your organization can save significant acquisition and ownership costs due to the FlexPods NetApp storage pricing advantage.
FlexPod, a leading integrated infrastructure offers:
Reduction icon   Up to 50% TCO reductions
Adjusted icon   120% risk-adjusted ROI over a three-year period
Open icon Open APIs for third-party integration with any system management platform
Ongoing icon Clustering and switching enhancements for ongoing workload optimization
Validated icon Validated designs to simplify and accelerate deployments

In addition to the cost advantages of FlexPod, is offering Unified FlexPod Financing, a 90-day no-payment, no-interest financing offer.

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