NetSuite Analytics Data Visualization with Oracle Cloud Business Intelligence Tools

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NetSuite Analytics offers quality data visualization for enterprises to make quick and timely decisions. Vast Edge offers one-touch NetSuite analytics for $70 per user per month (with a minimum 2 user licenses commitment). This solution enables customers to optimize their business by getting instant access to KPI's. The analytics solution from Vast Edge includes the entire stack from data extraction to visualization including role-based access.

Why Vast Edge for NetSuite Analytics Data Visualization?

NetSuite implementation by Vast Edge 3 to 4 weeks depending upon the size of your business. It does not include custom fields and non-standard reports / KPI's. You save up to 80% in combined cloud services and implementation costs with this pre-canned solution offered by us. The Analytics dashboard is a much better solution than standard reports in NetSuite as this solution offers you the ability to perform what-if scenario analysis, forecasting, drag and drop features, dynamic filtering to change data on the fly and drill-through analysis. These enhanced features beat other analytics tools in the market such as tableau, looker, PowerBI, and Cognos.

  • Timely notification for top management so that they can take necessary actions for business growth.
  • Drives business forward by recognizing the relationships between the data sets.
  • Explores business insights and remove erroneous data.
  • Helps to implement the latest trend for business profits.
  • Brings more productivity and profits.
NetSuite Analytics Cloud

NetSuite BI Analytics

An end-to-end solution from NetSuite helps you manage cloud components. It includes a vast bucket of services like:


Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Data Visualization

Oracle offers Data Visualization that helps enterprises in getting meaningful insights in form of graphs. Leveraging OAC, Vast Edge integrates features in those graphs including spots, trends and correlations analysis that usually go unnoticed in traditional reports and spreadsheets.
NetSuite BI brings clarity to improve your business and explore data for faster and better insights. Other benefits of OAC data visualization with NetSuite BI includes:

  • A personal mobile friendly application.
  • Offline availability.
  • Completely private analysis.
  • Full control of data source connections.
  • Direct access to on-premises data sources.
  • Lightweight single-file download.
  • No remote server infrastructure.
  • No administration tasks.

Time Series: Oracle's Time Series is a set of timestamped data entries that allows a natural association of data collected over intervals of time.

Pattern Matching: Oracle Pattern Matching deployed in SQL data warehouse that enables you to do the task like logical partitioning and order of the data.

Forecasting: Oracle Forecasting enables you to estimate future demands for items using any combination of historical, statistical, and intuitive forecasting techniques. It allows businesses to create multiple forecasts and group complimenting forecasts into forecast sets.


Oracle Cloud DB (Enterprise Edition with Pattern Matching)

Oracle cloud Enterprise Edition allows you to seamlessly integrate applications and data by leveraging an extensive library of pre-built adapters and connecting them to virtual application, service, or database. It also offers an easy point-and-click, drag-and-drop approach to create business process automation.

  • Perform a sensitivity analysis to test various data scenarios.
  • Build data models, reports, and analytic dashboards in an enterprise business intelligence environment.
  • Design and publish pixel-perfect reports from your enterprise data

Cloud Adapters to pull data from NetSuite

Oracle offers NetSuite SuiteTalk adaptor that enables you to access NetSuite data and business processes through an XML-based API. The Oracle NetSuite Adapter addresses these requirements by providing a no-coding approach for building integrations with NetSuite.

  • Quick and easy connection of on-premises systems and applications with NetSuite.
  • Rapidly integrate with both cloud applications and with existing on-premises business systems.
  • Automate the process for discovering NetSuite's web service WSDLs based on the user account.
  • Eliminate the need to work with complex polymorphic data objects by elevating NetSuite records.
Vast Edge Analytics Services

Intelligent code to sync NetSuite data in real-time

Oracle NetSuite deployment by Vast Edge enables you to extract ERP, CRM, and Accounting data and integrate it into cloud systems. You can create connections with partners and other business units, or perform data analytics and create elaborate Business Intelligence dashboards.

  • Runs in as a service on the cloud.
  • Constantly keeping your data in sync.
  • Generate daily reports on activity summary by email.

NetSuite Analytics KPIs/Metrics

Vast Edge offers an analytical dashboard that enables you to perform what-if scenario analysis, forecasting, drag and drop features, dynamic filtering to change data on the fly and drill-through analysis. Integrated Analytics and forms solution from Vast Edge create actions on KPIs results, performs data entry into the back-end ERP systems and also collaborates data with customers, vendors, and partners.
Further, BI option helps make decisions on the fly by modifying data, creating tasks, scheduling follow-ups, and approving documents. This role-based smart action allows Analytics users and decision-makers simply click on the analytics rows to perform these actions in the popup window.

Analytical Dashboards

Audit Trail Reports

  • Helps you manage transactions.
  • Aid in uncovering fraud in the organization.
  • Helps to reconstruct corrupt or damaged files.
  • Demonstrates compliance with regulations.
  • Fulfils record-keeping neds of organization.

NetSuite Financial Management Dashboards

  • Accelerate financial closures.
  • Maintain compliance with accounting standards.
  • Drill down into underlying details and understand the impact to your business.
  • Improve performance with real-time metrics and role-based dashboards.

Website, E-Commerce, & Social Media Dashboards

  • Facilitate convenient, transparent collaboration.
  • Easily track conversations on native ERP records and processes.
  • Conveniently discover experts to handle complex, urgent opportunities.
  • Help document processes supporting lean initiatives.
  • Improve customer engagement.
  • Build and maintain your internal knowledge base.

Sales & Marketing Dashboards

  • Boosts sales efficiency by collaborating with the team.
  • Monitor sales team performance against quotas based on real-time invoices and cash sales collected by your accounting team.
  • Streamline all marketing processes with a scalable end-to-end marketing automation solution.
  • Rapidly create and streamline the execution of multi-channel campaigns.
  • Offers real-time visibility into the complete marketing process, from campaign creation and execution to sale

Supply Chain Dashboards

  • Offers order management rules to optimize delivery plans and reduce lead times.
  • Quickly Identify and act on cost variances as they occur.
  • Enables you to know your supply chain status with definable alerts.

Ticketing & Support analytics Dashboards

  • Single source data combined with visual analytics generates meaningful, timely and actionable insights.
  • Enhance company performance across all business functions.
  • Easy-to-use reporting tools eliminating the need of programming or technical resources.
  • Easily integrate data, charts and graphs into NetSuite dashboards as portlets.
Data Visualization for NetSuite ERP

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