NetSuite Analytics Data Visualization with Oracle Cloud BI tools

NetSuite Analytics KPI's / Metrics


Vast Edge offers one touch Netsuite analytics for $200 per user per month. This solution enables customers to optimize their business by getting instant access to KPI's. The analytics solution from Vast Edge includes the entire stack from data extraction to visualization including role based access. The standard implementation including reports and KPI's takes 4 to 8 weeks depending upon the size of the business. This implementation does not include custom fields and non standard reports / KPI's. You save upto 80% in combined cloud services and implementation costs with this pre canned solution offered by Vast Edge.

Netsuite Analytics Actions


Vast Edge offers integrated analytics and forms solutions to perform actions based on KPI results. This innovative actionable business intelligence option further helps companies to make decisions on the fly by modifying data, creating tasks, scheduling follow ups, and approving documents. Analytics users and decision makers can simply click on the analytics rows to perform these actions in the popup window. This role based smart action performs data entry into the back end ERP systems and also collaborates data with customers, vendors, and partners.

Netsuite Business Intelligence - What you get


This is an end to end solution from NetSuite that includes the following cloud components and services
- Oracle Analytics Cloud (Data Visualization, Time Series, Pattern Matching & Forecasting) - Oracle Cloud Database (Enterprise Edition with pattern matching) - Cloud Adapters to pull data from NetSuite - Intelligent code to sync NetSuite data in real time
Following dashboards are included with this solution - Audit trail reports (who updated or deleted the record and when) - NetSuite Financial Management Dashboards - Supply Chain Dashboards - Sales & Marketing Dashboards - Website, eCommerce, & Social Media Dashboards - Ticketing & Support analytics Dashboards

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