APEX 19.1 on Autonomous Database

Oracle released APEX 19.1 on Mar 29, 2019 and introduced some key features such as REST enabled forms, easy REST api creation, JET chart enhancements, jquery library upgrade, easy data loading, new form components, interactive grid enhancements, and most importantly support for Autonomous database as of June 03, 2019.

Vast Edge has deployed APEX on Autonomous database. The current process involves some additional steps and we are working on streamlining the installation by utilizing terraform script that installs and auto configures all components including tomcat, ords, httpd, apex, ssl, nameservers, vcn, and security lists, and web application firewall.

Oracle Forms, Reports to APEX migration on Autonomous Database

Oracle APEX provides command line tools to help convert Oracle forms (fmb), object (olb), menu (mmb), pl/sql (pll), and reports to APEX. These command line tools are available for Forms 9i onwards and you might need to convert older forms versions 6i to 9i to leverage these conversion utilities. After migrating the forms, you will be able to get the enhanced features of APEX with the most important ones being full browser-based apps, mobile responsiveness, simple third-party REST API integration, and ease of development.

Vast Edge specializes in Oracle forms to APEX migration including migration to autonomous database, adding tomcat and apache web server for enhanced performance, and extending the application for third party integration such as with Microsoft Office 365 and google firebase for real time messaging. Call us to schedule a webinar or get a quote.


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