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Oracle Cloud Migration: EBS, API Gateway & Zero Downtime Database Migration

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For enterprises, the trouble-free and easily scalable cloud-based infrastructure is a utmost priority. According to research, 41 % of enterprise system workloads are already operating from the cloud in some type of public or private cloud. When it comes to Cloud Technology, Oracle is one of the prominent service providers that offer a high-performance compute capability, storage capacity and a virtual network with secure on-premises accessibility.

Vast Edge is a global "Gold Partner" of Oracle cloud, a privileged MSP and NetSuite partner. We provide quality Oracle Cloud services using proven tools and methods to lower your TCO and to mitigate risks. Vast Edge has immense knowledge of Oracle SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products with 100+ certified professionals to make your cloud journey smooth and successful.

Why Vast Edge for Oracle Cloud Migration?

Cloud Infrastructure Console

Leveraging Oracle Console platform, Vast Edge installs an intuitive, graphical interface into the cloud system that aid you in creating & managing your instances, cloud networks, and storage volumes, along with users and permissions.


Harnessing the "infrastructure-as-code" feature of Terraform, our cloud experts develop design APIs and configure policy enforcement to get your projects up and running flawlessly. Vast Edge's API offering ranges from Oracle Functions to applications running on Container Engine for Kubernetes and many more.

Cloud Infrastructure APIs

Vast Edge integrates API gateway in the cloud architecture providing a single entry point into your system. Oracle Cloud APIs are generally REST APIs that use HTTPS requests and responses.

Pluggable SDK Modules

Vast Edge offers a wide range of software development kits that can be integrated easily with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure APIs, including SDKs for Java, Ruby, and Python.


Vast Edge eases out the cloud infrastructure provisioning, orchestration, and configuration management through the effective use of Ansible and adds automated updating of software assets.

Oracle Cloud SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS Products:

Vast Edge makes the best of Oracle's innovative and integrated suite of cloud applications to grow and scale your business. The EPM cloud by Oracle is the most comprehensive suite of enterprise performance management including:

  • Budgeting
  • Planning
  • Reconciliation
  • Tax reporting
  • Profitability
  • Cost management
  • Vast Edge has been in the forerunner in integrating Oracle-based IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings into enterprises' architecture. The key differentiator of Vast Edge's expertise are:

  • ✔ Vast Edge provides a modernized suite of integrated and proven modules for financials, projects, and procurement using Oracle Cloud ERP suite.
  • ✔ Our PaaS portfolio includes several products including Oracle autonomous database integration, WebLogic cloud analytics, mobile integration, java & .Net integration.
  • ✔ Vast Edge's IaaS portfolio on Oracle cloud includes a complete infrastructure stack including virtual machines, GPU servers, virtual networking, web application firewall, and load balancers.
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Migration to Oracle Cloud:

    With Cloud-based EBS Suite, Vast Edge supports third-party integrations, and standard deployment practices and reference architectures that align with application requirements. Also, assists businesses in addressing the implementation concerns like technical requirements and pre-existing business challenges.

    Vast Edge is an expert in EBS Migrations to OCI and has full access to Oracle knowledge hub & direct access to Oracle solution engineers. Key offerings of Vast Edge in the EBS Suite are:

    • Vast Edge lowers the TCO by a substantial margin of 38% than on-premises deployments.
    • Our migration experts reduce your migration expenditure through an efficient datacenter migration by removing hardware-based servers and cloud integration.
    • By migrating EBS to OCI, Vast Edge enhances the system's performance by 30% and 2-10 times faster reporting.
    • Cloud experts at Vast Edge maximize your system's availability with the Oracle Real Application Clusters / Exadata Cloud Service for Oracle Database.
    • Vast Edge integrates rapid "in-place" technology refresh and patching while adding proactive monitoring of usage and costs.

    Oracle Analytics Cloud offering by Vast Edge:

    With Oracle Analytics Cloud Oracle Analytics Cloud, Vast Edge covers it all - automated visualization, data compilation, enterprise reporting, advanced analytics and lot more.

    Autonomous Systems

    Vast Edge improves cloud analytics by instilling machine learning into your architecture. Our cloud experts align your system's data, refine and enrich your datasets and improve the quality of the insights.

    Dynamic and Interactive Visualization

    Vast Edge blends an automatic chart utilizing artificial intelligence, single-click trending, and forecasting.

    Single Window for Data Access

    Leveraging OAC resources, Vast Edge compiles all your data units at a single point of access and presents you state-of-the-art analytics solutions.

    API Gateway offerings by Vast Edge:

    API Gateway service allows private endpoints of enterprises to interact with public IP addresses to enhance and uplift internet traffic. API gateways support offered by Vast Edge includes features like:

    • Vast Edge service package includes API validation to ensure security and accountability in the public cloud.
    • Our cloud experts integrate request and response transformation protocol into your cloud architecture to encapsulate and modulate your network.
    • Authentication &authorization service offered by Vast Edge integrates IAM policies in all the interfaces including the Console, SDK/CLI, & REST API.<
    • Vast Edge sets up a request limiting mechanism that enables you to create up to ten API gateways.

    About Vast Edge - Simplified Cloud Solutions

    Since 2004, Vast Edge has been providing Oracle services including ERP implementation, integrations, migrations, data analytics, and application development using the APEX platform running on Oracle database. Vast Edge was recently recognized as the top velocity partner and is also a certified Oracle cloud select managed services provider. Visit Oracle's solution provider page to obtain more information about Vast Edge Oracle services and resources certified by Oracle.

    Contact our Oracle Cloud experts to help you through the planning of your migration and help you prioritize your mirgration requirements.