Oracle Cloud Object Storage Cloudberry Explorer

Cloudberry Explorer now supports Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage. CloudBerry Explorer offers a user interface that enables customers to access, move and manage files across local storage to the OCI Object Storage. Since enabling Cloudberry with OCI Object Storage was a much requested feature, we leveraged the existing Cloudberry "S3 Compatible" account functionality to qualify the tool. We continue to work with Cloudberry to enable native support for OCI Object Storage. Please note that until the native integration arrives, you will be able to use Cloudberry in the OCI 'Home' region. The home region is the OCI region where the customer's tenancy was first established.

You can download the Cloudberry Explorer from here . Once you download and install Cloudberry, you will need to add a new 'Source' to your account. Please choose 'S3 Compatible' as the Cloud Storage target.


Enter the  OCI Object Storage 'Service Point' for your 'home' region.  You can find the Object Storage Amazon S3 Compatibility 'Service Points' here. Please replace <object_storage_namespace> with the  object storage namespace assigned to your tenancy.

To learn about Object Storage namespace, please review Object Namespace docs To learn about Amazon S3 compatibility API key, please review this document


Once the Cloud Storage 'Source' is established, you can interact with the OCI Object Storage.