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Oracle Velocity Program

Oracle Velocity program provides funds to top performing partners to assist customers migrate to Oracle cloud platform. The only requirement of this program is for the customer to purchase Oracle cloud credits to host their application on Oracle Cloud infrastructure. VastEdge has migrated over 70 customers to Oracle cloud in 2018 and has expertise in infrastructure (such as compute, ipsec, dynamic vpn, load balancers, storage, elasticity, and firewall), application migrations, integration, database, java, mobile app development deployments, and NetSuite ERP configuration. VastEdge has also done a few Microsoft Dynamics and Quickbooks migrations to Oracle cloud platform.

The velocity funds provided by Oracle ($15,000) can be used by the customer for migration, custom software development, enhancement/extension, or integration activities as requested by the customer. VastEdge believes in customer satisfaction and provides quality deliverable as well as quick response time to customer questions.

Here's a sample list of Oracle cloud products with flex pricing for 24x7 usage (1 OCPU = 2 Hyperthreaded cores of most other cloud providers)

Oracle Compute (1 OCPU, 7gb of memory, 200gb of nvme block storage) = $27 per month Oracle Autonomous integration cloud standard edition (1 unit = 5000 messages per hour ; includes hundreds of pre built adapters) = $600 per month Oracle Autonomous integration cloud enterprise edition (1 unit = 5000 messages per hour - includes process automation and forms) = $1,200 per month. Vast Edge has pre built NetSuite adapters and can help integrate your data in near real time to other Oracle products Oracle Autonomous analytics cloud visualization edition (1 ocpu) = $1,200 per month. Vast Edge can help write custom scripts to add complex logic such as cash flow forecasting, demand forecasting, and budget forecasting in addition to pre built dashboards with common metrics. Oracle database standard costs (1 ocpu) = $195 per month Oracle database enterprise edition costs (1 ocpu) = $400 per month Oracle Enterprise Java cloud (1 ocpu) = $290 per month Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder cloud (1 ocpu) = $1,200 per month Oracle Autonomous Mobile cloud with chatbots = .0035 per round trip message

Customers also have an option to use some of the pre-developed apps supported by VastEdge at no cost for 1 year as part of this program. This is an extension of the program supported by VastEdge.

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