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Citrix NetScaler 1000V powered by Citrix

Delivered by Cisco

Datacenters are undergoing a fundamental transformation driven by cloud, mobility and virtualization. Successfully managing application workloads in these modern datacenters requires a flexible, scalable, application-aware network. Citrix and Cisco announce the Citrix NetScaler 1000V, a best-in-class application delivery controller that redefines L4-L7 services.

Expanding virtual network infrastructure portfolio

Building on Cisco strength in Unified Fabric and Unified Compute, and Citrix strength in intelligent, application delivery, the new architecture runs on Nexus Virtual Service Platform to provide a virtualized network platform that delivers scalability, elastic instantiation, and multi-tenant operation, all with a common approach to service provisioning and management. This core platform of Cisco Unified Fabric also integrates WAN optimization, security, application delivery, and network monitoring into a seamless converged infrastructure.

Accelerating transformation to new network service delivery models for mobile, cloud, and virtualization

Bringing Citrix and Cisco key technologies together into an integrated solution helps enterprise and service provider customers deliver true cloud service automation with deep network and application-level intelligence, speed service deployment and simplify networking services.

Key technology integrations include:

  • NetScaler is engineered to seamlessly and uniquely integrate with core Nexus 7000 and virtual Nexus 1000V fabrics
  • NetScaler MPX line will attach to Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switches to provide customers with higher resiliency, plug and play installation, improved agility and increased leverage of both their switching and ADC investments
  • vPath technology enables seamless insertion of application services such as NetSaler into virtual and cloud networks to deliver business and network agility, increasing efficiencies and lowering costs
  • Features

    Citrix NetScaler is industry most advanced cloud network platform. It enables datacenter network to become an end-to-end service delivery fabric to optimize delivery of all web applications, cloud-based services, virtual desktops, enterprise business apps and mobile services. It ensures the performance, availability and security SLAs for any service to any user, regardless of location and access technology.

    App delivery with advanced load balancing

    NetScaler L4-7 load balancing brings 100% availability to all applications and services, while improving efficiency of expensive server and network resources. Acceleration capabilities, such as AppCache, AppCompress and TCP optimizations, improve user experience by making applications faster and more responsive. NetScaler load balancing capabilities include:

  • Advanced load balancing: Comprehensive L4-7 traffic management for web servers and application servers in a single datacenter
  • Content and app caching: NetScaler AppCache provides high performance caching of both static content and dynamically generated web content
  • Database load balancing: Intelligent, SQL-aware load balancing of database servers to scale data tier and deliver better database performance
  • Next-generation security

    NetScaler secures applications and networks from a wide variety of threats and attacks, prevents leakage of confidential data, and protects sensitive communications with SSL and SSL VPN capabilities.

  • Application Firewall: Blocks 100% of attacks targeting vulnerabilities in web and web services applications
  • Secure Remote Access: Fully integrated SSL VPN protects mobile users
  • FIPS Compliance: FIPS compliant appliances with 4.5+ Gbps of SSL throughput
  • Citrix TriScale technology brings cloud scale to enterprise networks

    Citrix TriScale drives unprecedented network scalability, enabling IT teams to build enterprise cloud networks that can Scale Up performance 5x, Scale Out capacity by 32x, and Scale In consolidation by running up to 40 appliances in a single platform.

  • Scale Up for cloud elasticity: Buy only what you need
  • Scale In for greater simplicity: Consolidate to end appliance sprawl
  • Scale Out for expanded capacity: Start small grow forever
  • Full application visibility and control

    Meeting strict performance SLAs is greatly simplified with end-to-end monitoring that transforms network data into actionable business intelligence.

  • NetScaler Insight Center: Provides a 360-degree view for all web application and virtual desktop traffic, with unmatched visibility for Citrix HDX
  • NetScaler ActionAnalytics: Integrated real-time performance analysis capabilities and adaptive policy controls for on-the-fly NetScaler policy optimization
  • Centralized policy management

    Application delivery and load balancing policies can be defined and managed using a simple declarative policy engine, with no programming expertise required.

  • NetScaler Command Center: Comprehensive management and monitoring solution for centralized configuration and control of all NetScaler platforms
  • AppExpert Policy Management: Single policy management for all aspects of load balancing and app delivery, including pre-defined AppExpert templates for rapid deployment with popular enterprise business applications
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