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Security and Compilance

Information security has never been so challenging. Trends such as consumerization, workshifting and cloud computing mean that more people are accessing enterprise desktops, applications and data from more places and in more ways than ever before. In the face of more sophisticated threats and a rising burden of data protection, privacy and compliance, IT must take control and lock down applications and data as securely as possible while providing people with the level of secure access and collaboration they need to get their work done.

Citrix provides a secure-by-design solution, complemented by industry-leading security partners, that enables IT to simplify security, protect intellectual property, ensure data privacy and meet compliance mandates while promoting business productivity and growth. Data, applications and desktops are managed and secured centrally in datacenter or through a cloud service and delivered securely anywhere, over any kind of connection, in high definition, to any device.

Get enterprise information under control with Citrix solutions:

Empower workshifting and mobility by delivering the right level of secure access and collaboration anytime, anywhere to leverage a highly mobile and geographically dispersed workforce. Embrace consumerization by enabling application portability and control of user profiles and settings in the datacenter and delivering encrypted information to any device. Enforce compliance, data privacy and data protection by taking a more efficient, comprehensive, yet granular approach to controlling and auditing application and data access. Reduce costs by centralizing desktop and application maintenance, updates and patches. Move to the cloud by extending enterprise infrastructure to take advantage of cloud based applications and services.

Citrix, recognized by the

Information Systems Security Association

(ISSA) as the Outstanding Organization of the Year in 2011 for its contributions to advancement of information security, help organizations regain control and manage risk more effectively while providing optimal flexibility to allow business to do what it needs to do, the way it needs to.


Providing strict yet flexible control over access, reliable endpoint security and built-in compliance auditing, secure-by-design approach for delivering desktops, applications or entire workloads addresses key security priorities while reducing costs through simplified management.

Centralize information resources and manage and secure them in datacenter

Enterprise applications, data and business information are accessed securely from anywhere, rather than residing on endpoint devices of every worker in the extended enterprise
IT can easily define and enforce policies over which resources specific users or groups can access, including whether or not they can install and configure applications themselves
Desktop and application access can be turned on and off instantly as needed in event of new or departing workers, transfers and business continuity scenarios

Control access through pre-configured granular based policies

IT can determine appropriate level of user access to applications and data wherever they reside: in datacenter, in a public or private cloud even when downloaded to a local device for offline use
IT can deliver right level of access based on user current profile, device, network and location

Deliver enterprise information securely to any device

IT can enable secure access and collaboration for every employee, contractor or partner from any personal device or corporate-owned device workers choose to use
Rather than making distinctions between enterprise-owned and outside devices, IT evaluates every device and user as they attempt to connect to enterprise network, then grants appropriate levels of access to each resource through access control policies

Achieve compliance through built-in monitoring, tracking and auditing of information access

Full activity logging, reporting and auditing make it easier to meet compliance and privacy standards
IT can define and implement policies to ensure conformance with requirements both internal and external, while maintaining flexibility to respond to new mandates as they emerge

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