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Access and collaborate seamlessly across any network without security interruptions in the workflow


MobileIron Docs@Work provides an intuitive way to access, annotate, share, and view documents across a variety of email and on-premise and cloud content management systems. With secure mobile content management (MCM) software, IT can protect confidential business information across the mobile workforce without slowing down business productivity.
It enables the MobileIron EMM platform to :
deliver Mobile Content Management (MCM) capabilities
provide data loss prevention (DLP) for email attachments by decryption of documents delivered through Sentry.

MobileIron Content Security Services

The first content security solution to separate security controls from data storage methods

MobileIron CSS

This allows security to be managed at the document-level across multiple content repositories, such as SharePoint, OneDrivePro, Office 365, Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. The Content Security Service does not lock employees or IT into specific content repositories. Documents do not have to be migrated to a new repository and are secure even if they are stored in a personal cloud service.

MobileIron Content Security Services features:

  • Integrated annotation and editing capabilities allow users to review and annotate documents on any device.
  • Automatically publish important documents and media to employee devices.
  • Authorize access to both on-premises and cloud Enterprise File Sharing Systems like Sharepoint, Office 365.
  • Ensures data loss prevention (DLP) with key controls that allows the enterprise to set document expiration policies and selectively wipe specific documents on a mobile device.

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