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VastEdge and SAP have collaborated with each other to offer business-class services and products to all clients for rapid growth. Businesses can innovate without disruption by relying on applications that help to take advantages of technology advancements including mobile, in-memory technology, cloud, and more. SAP services and products empower employees with a user experience designed for different needs and skills, from casual users to experts. And leverage best practices built into SAP Business Suite solutions that support integrated business processes, across every organization.


Maintain current software and upgrade without disruption using SAPs common foundation
Adopt technologies quickly, with less risk
Get support across 25 industries and 11 lines of business
Speed decision making with immediate access to the right information
Extend processes to business network customers, suppliers, and partners
Attract new users with on-demand software options

SAP Innovation Video for Product Lifecycle Management

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Customers can seize new opportunities by leveraging technologies like cloud, in-memory, and mobile computing. SAP harness innovative technologies to help businesses adapt to change and generate business value no matter what is the size. When customers rely on a consistent and secure core, they can adopt new technologies designed to fit with their existing enterprise solutions quickly and cost-effectively. SAPs scalable infrastructure and best-of-breed partner ecosystem support businesses across 25 industries including banking, aerospace & defense, healthcare, mining, high tech, operations, telecommunications, public sector, professional services and more.

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

Take the fast lane with rapid deployment. Get business software needed to run better quickly with SAP rapid-deployment solutions. Bring speed and simplicity to next business software implementation with SAP Rapid Deployment solutions. These affordable, scalable packages combine preconfigured software and implementation services to get businesses up and running in a matter of weeks. And with a defined scope and predictable cost, there are no surprises. Start with the functionality needed now, and later add on more.
SAP Rapid Deployment solutions can help clients:
Deploy business-critical software, content, and enablement in 2 to 14 weeks
Minimize risk with a guaranteed timeline and predictable, up-front costs
Seamlessly integrate with existing SAP on-premise and cloud solutions
Easily expand functionality and add new packages as needs change