Procure to Pay in SAP ERP simplifies the core procurement process from requisition to e-invoice. With the centralized SAP ERP system, businesses can now increase the productivity in purchase management and achieve faster time-to-benefit. SAP solutions for ERP also empower the enterprise entities to establish more optimized buying patterns, and enforce the vendors choice with better negotiation.

Advantages of Procure to Pay

Increases visibility and business productivity by lowering the inventory levels
Reduces costs with consolidated shipments
Outperforms consistent and high levels of supply chain and customer experience
Defines proactive method for cutting costs and ensuring compliance
Improves procurement processes for delivery and warehouse management

Procure to Pay Capabilities

Strategic Sourcing and Contract Management

Well-organized sourcing and contract processes on comprehensive SAP ERP platform create space for continuous evolution.
Businesses can explore the untapped savings opportunities for managing contract lifecycle.
Utilizing SAP ERP software strongly binds together the sourcing and contract processes.
Standardized contract authoring procedures through Procure to Pay helps meet the companys needs.

Operational Procurement

SAP ERP Procure to Pay accelerates the procurement process full tilt by 60%.
This SAP ERP capability ensures the implementation of payment process in compliance with regulatory terms and services.
It provides deep view of performance insights through streamlined analysis process
SAP Procure to Pay facilitates complete visibility of risk identification and supplier relationship.

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Use of SAP built intuitive user interface accelerates material flow as it increases transparency across end-to-end outbound logistics.
Integrated with resource planning, Procurement to Pay by SAP ERP optimizes inventory levels and diminishes unused space.
Streamlined purchase management process helps businesses manage catalogs for orders and services.

Invoice and Payables Management

Automate data extraction and streamline invoice management to banish data entry duplication and errors.
Manage invoice and accounts payable processes with enhanced capabilities.
Establish coherent integration of all data related to accounts payable data with your existing purchasing system.
Modernize invoice processing and payable recourse with SAP centralized software.


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