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Risk Analytics

The most effective solution for risk management is Risk Analytics. Risk Analytics converts raw facts and figures into meaningful insights to make risk-aware decisions. It uses cutting-edge techniques based analytic technologies to improve risk forecasting and magnify business opportunities.

It is based on proactive approach for priority-based risk identification in real-time environment. Risk analytics examines and predicts risk so that acceptable risks can be identifies and well informed decisions can be taken. The important profitable applications of risk analytics unfolds its capabilities to:

Streamline risk processes.
Increase return on capital
Perform more effective monitoring
Optimize the business processes
Improve operational efficiency
Aware the team about real-time situation

What We Provide?

We help organizations convert their market uncertainties and risks into business opportunities. Here at VastEdge, with strong expertise in IT and huge database of professionals, we assist businesses in optimizing and securing their processes with our following Risk Analytics solutions:

IBM Risk Analytics

IBM Cloud Marketplace is one such endeavor for best-in-class designed risk analytics software by the company to better analyze and quantify risk exposures of portfolio securities.IBM risk analytics solutions enable the most successful companies at global scale to make smarter enterprise risk management through risk-aware decisions with success-driven business outcomes.

CA Risk Analytics

CA Risk Analytics uses behavioral model to assess risks in real-time and separate genuine transactions from truly fraudulent ones. The latest version developed by CA features behavioral neural network authentication models for risk authentication in online and card-not-present (CNP) transactions. The solution benefits the organizations with more accurate assessment of which transaction helps to prevent the happening of fraud.

Oracle Risk Analytics

Primavera Risk Analytical tool by Oracle integrates Primavera Risk Analysis, Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Primavera P6 Analytics to standardize the systems for evaluating and developing risk response plans. Risk analytics solutions by Oracle address full risk analysis and management lifecycle by advanced Monte Carlo-based cost and schedule analytics to report corresponding confidence levels.

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