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SAP Application Foundation and Security Solutions by VastEdge

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Application Foundation

Simplify application development and deployment ?ith

SAP application foundation solutions

. Develop highly scalable Web applications and services ?nd deploy on premise, on demand, or on device. SAP application foundation solutions combine open, reliable infrastructure with interoperability and flexibility of Web services technology ?or improved processes and performance, and a sharper competitive edge.

Leverage open-standards support for creating platform-independent Web services and applications
Improve application performance with advanced caching, distributed transaction, and failover tools
Avoid disruptions with software logistics and support for change management throughout lifecycles

Application Foundation Solutions

Application Server

Drive operational efficiency, elevate performance, and reduce risk by simplifying development and deployment of Web applications and services.
Create platform-independent, secure, and reliable Web applications and services
Improve application performance with advanced caching and dispatching techniques
Avoid disruptions with software logistics and support for change management

Standards Support

Rely on leading-edge technology and strategies ?rom Java to Web services to interoperability ?o better connect people, information, and processes.
Get complete support for Java technology, rapid deployment, and advanced clustering
Ensure compatibility and interoperability between SAP and non-SAP Web applications
Integrate and maintain infrastructure via a Web services-oriented architecture
Leverage security mechanisms to protect data integrity and confidentiality
Support multiple languages, currencies, time zones, and legal requirements

Business Application Development

Create high-performance, data-driven business applications faster than ever before ?ith market?most powerful and productive development tool.
Accelerate application development with an award-winning, intuitive user interface
Dramatically simplify complex data access, manipulation, and presentation
Minimize development cost and risk while incorporating new and emerging technology


Protect data and business ?ith SAP security solutions. From computer viruses to denial-of-service attacks to theft of customer information, IT security threats have never been greater. Businesses can rely on SAP 

application security

solutions to safeguard increasing value of enterprise information assets, and ensure highest levels of protection across enterprise operations.

Reduce risk with solutions that adhere to rigorous security standards
Get the foundation needed with state-of-the-art security infrastructure
Manage risk and leverage best practices by partnering with SAP security consultants

Security Solutions

Identity Management

Protect applications and data with centralized tools that manage user access, improve productivity, and integrate fully with company processes.
Increase efficiency and cut costs with self-service tools and rules-driven workflows and approvals
Enhance flexibility and responsiveness with a standards-based technology platform
Deliver greater insight and fulfill compliance requirements with role-based control
Improve reporting with fully auditable user access across entire IT landscape

Single Sign On ?SO

Reduce risks and potentially high administrative costs by enabling the people to use same credentials to access all applications.
Reduce costs by minimizing number of help desk calls for password recovery
Increase productivity by providing users with one log-in for all applications
Ensure confidentiality through standards-based encryption during data transmission

Access Control

Confidently manage and reduce access risk across enterprise. Minimize fraud and lower cost of access management and ongoing compliance activities.
Streamline requests for multiple systems and embed preventative compliance checks
Automate reviews of segregation of duties (SoD), critical access, and superuser privileges
Automatically detect and remediate access risk violations

Risk Management

Maximize risk visibility with comprehensive analytics, balance risk and opportunity ?nd protect business value by proactively preventing and mitigating risks.
Highlight risk exposure and response at all levels of organization
Run intuitive risk assessments and ?at if?imulations and analyses
Integrate risk mitigation and prevention with key business systems
Leverage best practices for industries and lines of business with predefined content
Automate key risk indicator monitoring within heterogeneous systems

Security at SAP

Ensure enterprise is secure with solutions that adhere to the three pillars of information security ?eople, processes, and technology.
Raise awareness of security issues among staff and establish easy-to-follow policies
Understand the business issue of security and protect all work processes
Better manage governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) processes
Rely on a company whose own IT processes have been awarded ISO 27001:2005 certification
Leverage a technology foundation designed to uphold the highest security standards