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SAP Big Data Service and Analytic Solution by VastEdge

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Big Data

refers to challenges of capturing, storing, managing, and analyzing large volumes of various types of data with great velocity. But Big Data is more than this. Big Data is about driving business value. From major league sports and personalized shopping to carbon reduction and cancer treatment, organizations are using Big Data to re-imagine what is possible.

Customers can obtain business value from Big Data with:

SAP HANA platform ?ccelerate ability to acquire, analyze, and act on Big Data
Analytic tools and applications ?rive Big Data insights directly into all business operations and equip people to make data-driven decisions
Data science services ?ncover new signals to discover new business opportunities
Transform the way of doing business with Big Data offerings from SAP. Combine SAP HANA platform with Apache Hadoop to obtain instant results with infinite storage. Transact, analyze, and act on massive volumes of data in real time. Create new business models and revenue streams with Big Data applications and analytics for the real world. And get required support to drive real results ?ith SAP data science services.
With an end-to-end offering from SAP, customers can make their Big Data project run in real time, delivering real results.

Big Data/SAP HANA platform

Run a platform to handle Big Data that transacts, analyzes, and acts on insights in the moment. Acquire and store petabytes of data from any source. Accelerate Big Data insights using in-memory computing. Analyze and visualize data using advanced algorithms to discover new opportunities.
Real-time processes of recent data for faster value
Broad access to structured, unstructured, machine, and human data for comprehensive insights
Deep analysis ?ith support of complex and interactive questions ?s users work for rapid decision-making
Simplified management of Big Data ?ith tiered storage and processing capabilities ?or lower complexity and cost


Acquire and store large volumes of data from a variety of data sources using flexible data management capabilities delivered via SAP HANA platform. Choose best options based on business requirements for accessibility, complexity of analytics, processing speed, and storage costs.


Increase business speed with cost-performance data processing options ?anging from in-memory processing with SAP HANA to massively parallel processing with SAP Sybase IQ database to distributed processing of large data sets with Apache Hadoop.


Analyze and 

visualize Big Data

using tools that best serve any business needs. Reduce delays associated with complex analysis of large data sets using in-memory analytics. Discover new opportunities and expose hidden risks using algorithms, R integration, and predictive analysis. Enable business users to access and visualize insight using charts, graphs, maps, and more. And uncover hidden value from unstructured data with text analytics.