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Achieve remarkable results with

SAP business intelligence solutions

. Make fact-based decisions throughout the organization by relying on efficient

business intelligence

solutions. Easily access relevant information when and wherever needed to better understand business, act quickly and confidently and ultimately achieve remarkable results.

Provide intuitive, self-service access to business information
Enable informed and rapid decisions based on reliable and real-time business data
Maximize visibility into performance of current business network
Simplify deployment and optimized use of IT infrastructure and resources

BI Reporting

Share actionable, meaningful insights with more effective BI reporting capabilities. Get reporting foundation required to guide the daily actions as well as overall business intelligence (BI) strategy with SAP software. Drive fast and informed short and long-term decision making. And deliver insights that are meaningful, actionable, and of real value to employees, customers, and partners.
Quickly author highly formatted reports that turn Big Data into deep insight
Optimize business processes by embedding reports into applications
Help users answer their own business questions to minimize IT support costs
Share personalized, interactive reports with users on any device
Securely distribute reports of any data source, both internally and externally

BI Dashboard & Apps

Maximize any business performance with high impact dashboards, visualizations, and web applications. Drive business intelligence (BI) adoption across the organization with compelling, insightful dashboards and BI apps. SAP solutions can help creating mobile, highly interactive, role-based dashboards that are able to deliver trusted, aggregated numbers to decision makers anytime, anywhere.
Design interactive, high impact dashboards
Give users easy access to trusted KPIs for improved business performance
Get flexibility needed to create dashboards that comply with precise user specifications
Drive high BI adoption and ROI through broadly published dashboards

BI Enterprise Self-Service

Explore business at the speed of thought with powerful data discovery and exploration tools. Empower business users with easy, self-service access to data discovery functionality for instant answers to pressing business questions. Provide an intuitive, interactive user experience with immediate response time, and eliminate need for training and IT assistance.
Increase user autonomy with self-service discovery of relevant insights anytime, anywhere
Help business users see big picture while navigating details for fully informed decisions
Empower users to uncover connections and trends in new and unexpected areas
Reduce IT backlog and free up time for more value-added activities
Benefit from accelerated ROI, and reduce costs by leveraging existing IT investments

Mobile BI

Know in the moment, act immediately, and deliver results with Mobile BI. Access business intelligence required to make critical decisions anytime, anywhere, and on any device.SAP Mobile BI delivers real-time visibility into big data with a secure, immersive mobile experience that features interactive visuals and intuitive search.
Make more informed decisions with immediate access to online and offline information
Provide sales and field reps with data they need to answer customer questions on the spot
Boost productivity and effectiveness of workers in the field
Keep business processes running smoothly by monitoring KPIs from the road
Lower total cost of ownership through reuse of deployed BI reports and platform functionality

BI Applications & Data Sources

Connect proven BI and performance management to the key applications and data sources. Give business users a faster way to access and analyze critical data hidden in documents, spreadsheets, applications, databases, and other technology infrastructures. SAP BusinessObjects solutions can help bringing all information together on a common BI platform with a full spectrum of capabilities ranging from reporting and visualization to intuitive discovery and predictive analytics.
Provide a trusted, complete view of all information assets across the organization
Simplify how users access, share, and present information regardless of the source
Gain insight into true drivers of performance with access to key enterprise data
Reduce costs by leveraging existing technology investments
Take advantage of integration with many technologies and applications

BI Platform

Provide easy, self-service access to decision-ready information with 

SAP BI platform

. Empower business users with anytime, anywhere access to key insights delivered in context with flexible BI platform. Get ready to increase responsiveness, reduce IT costs and workload, and drive better decision making across organizations.

Leverage real-time business intelligence from any data
Increase user autonomy by exposing data in plain business terms
Make information consumption simple, personalized, and dynamic
Benefit from a flexible and scalable information infrastructure