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SAP 360 Customer

Supercharge customer experience with 

SAP 360 Customer

, powered by in-memory computing. Revolutionize customer engagement with SAP 360 Customer & completely new approach that combines market-proven

CRM software

with latest in analytics, cloud, enterprise mobility, collaboration and social media solutions. Powered by SAP lightning-quick in-memory platform,


, SAP 360 Customer delivers real-time customer insight, real-time interactions, and real-time execution.

Combine transactional and external data for a complete, 360view of all customers
Better understand customer needs and preferences and accurately predict future behavior
Deliver contextual, personalized experiences through any channel, on any device
Monitor and analyze social media sentiment and proactively engage with customers
Personalize offers based on customer profile, context, past interactions, and current location
Deploy SAP 360 Customer on-premise or via cloud, and on any mobile device

SAP 360 Customer Solutions

CRM In-Memory (SAP HANA)
Create sincere, 1:1 customer experiences with real-time insight into needs, preferences, and predicted behavior with CRM run on our in-memory platform, SAP HANA.
Get a real-time view of all customers and easily share insights with the team
Personalize offers based on needs, preferences, past interactions, and current context
Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness to consistently deliver on promises
Monitor and analyze social media sentiment and react quickly to changing trends
Develop new products and services based on emerging demand master than competitors

Quick-to-Deploy CRM Powered by SAP HANA

Supercharge sales, service, and marketing activities of business with real-time customer insights using quick-to-deploy CRM software powered by SAP HANA.
Leverage essential CRM functionality including account, contact, and activity management
Get relevant customer insights with interactive reports tailored for sales, service, and marketing
Personalize customer interactions with instant access to real-time information
Deploy quickly with a preconfigured, fixed-scope, and fixed-price solution

Cloud for Customer

Equip marketing, sales, and service teams with tools and insights they need deliver exceptional customer experiences with cloud-based solutions.
Provide front lines with rich, relevant customer insights, including sentiment
Deliver consistent, personalized customer experiences at every stage of contact
Collaborate across the business to better serve customers and resolve issues faster
Leverage social media analysis and engagement tools to turn customers into advocates

CRM Sales

Drive profitable revenue growth through focused sales execution with support for everything from sales planning to sales analytics.
Achieve sales goals with accurate customer and product targeting
Streamline sales processes across channels for greater efficiency
Manage accounts more easily with effective contact management

CRM Marketing

Accurately target all audiences and deliver personalized and relevant messages that audience will find valuable thanks to SAP CRM marketing software.
Harvest big data to gain key customer insights with CRM marketing solutions
Target audiences with relevant, compelling offers
Engage customers seamlessly across channels
Deliver a customer experience that builds loyalty
Accelerate marketing processes with increased visibility and control

CRM Service

Support all facets of customer service organization, from contract management to marketing with help from SAP

Customer Relationship Management

service capabilities.

Delight clients with a positive user experience by quickly resolving issues with real-time customer support
Give employees tools to retain valuable customers

Social Collaboration

Bring together people, info, apps, and processes to solve business-critical problems and drive results with secure social collaboration software.
Protect data and avoid collaboration silos with a secure, enterprise-wide social foundation
Monitor discussions and receive system notifications for quick follow-ups
Create and share content or videos to express ideas
Collaborate across lines of business to speed sales cycles, boost engagement, and more

Mobile Sales Apps

Equip business reps with critical insights and information they need to be prepared for every sales conversation anytime, anywhere with mobile sales apps.
Get a single, comprehensive view of sales accounts
Respond to sales leads and opportunities instantly
Access, create, and modify sales data quickly and easily

Mobile Service Apps

Give field engineers and service reps quick access to right resources and information at point of service with mobile service apps.
Increase productivity with real-time mobile access to information and processes
Resolve issues early and consistently meet SLAs for greater customer satisfaction
Capture high-quality data with real-time data collection at customer site

Customer Analytics

Visualize and analyze customer value, plan more effective sales tactics and identify right target audience for marketing, sales, and service initiatives.
Better understand customer profitability, lifetime value, sentiment, and satisfaction
Help sales teams plan and execute more effective selling strategies
Leverage accurate audience discovery, targeting, and predictive analytics