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SAP Data Warehousing Solutions

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Discover flexible data warehousing and get the right data foundation ?or any 

IT environment

. Fully integrate all vital business information to make better decisions ?aster. With data warehousing solutions, businesses can pinpoint right information, accelerate analysis, and see the trends that will help shaping business strategies. Choose from SAP?/a> suite of flexible solutions to get the right data foundation for any IT environment.

Potential benefits

Choice of flexible data warehouse solutions to meet specific needs
Lower IT costs, with a streamlined IT landscape and reduced maintenance
Better decisions, based on fully integrated information
Faster response times, decisive action, and a competitive edge

Data Warehousing Solutions

Get maximum value from the data, and speed up data search, exploration, and analysis ?ith high-performance data warehousing solutions. Businesses can capture, store, analyze, and manage data in a secure and scalable data warehouse ?nd then deliver fully integrated and trustworthy information to decision makers throughout the organization(s).
Deliver a trusted, secure, and scalable data warehouse for all corporate data
Streamline IT with pre-delivered extractors, business content, and business-oriented modeling
Boost business effectiveness with a high-performance analysis foundation
Gain real-time insights into large volumes of data to ensure timely and accurate decisions

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Capture, store, and consolidate vital information ?ith secure, scalable data warehouse and high-performance data marts.
Leverage reliable data acquisition, business modeling, and analytic capabilities
Extend applications to reach more people ?hile easing the pressure on IT
Supercharge the data warehousing with SAP NetWeaver BW powered by SAP HANA

Business Warehouse Accelerator

Boost query and search results from enterprise data warehouse, even as the volume of data and number of users increase.
Empower users with quick access to relevant information anywhere in the enterprise
Speed response times with in-memory data compression and data partitioning
Boost enterprise data warehouse operational efficiency

High-Performance In-Memory Appliance

Get accurate insights at lightning speed with high-performance in-memory appliance, 


? powerful combination of robust software and hardware.

Explore and analyze huge volumes of data in real time
Capture real information as business happens ?ith in-memory technology
Reduce TCO with proven technology and less hardware, maintenance, and testing

Highly Optimized Analytics Server

Analyze vast quantities of data 100 times faster than traditional relational databases to reduce overhead, storage costs, and maintenance ?ith SAP Sybase IQ.
Make informed decisions immediately with quicker reporting and analysis
Deliver higher performance processes using SAP Sybase IQ
Improve strategic and operational decision making with advanced analytics

Rapid Marts

Jump start data mart implementation and accelerate business intelligence delivery with best practice scenarios and pre-delivered content.
Accelerate deployment of BI solutions
Reduce deployment and maintenance costs as well as development effort
Satisfy up to 80% of BI requirements now and expand easily later