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Run faster with the SAP 

Real-Time Data

Platform. Gain a deeper understanding of business and markets with SAP real-time data platform (RTDP). Analyze customer behavior and preferences at unprecedented speeds, identify trends ahead of the competition, and seize new opportunities in real time.

Transform business with an ultra-modern, 

real-time data management platform

that process, analyze, and deliver complete, accurate information to any application or user faster with the SAP Real-Time Data Platform. This modern data management framework offers a fundamentally new approach to data processing that unifies all data assets in a single, highly efficient environment.

Process vast amounts of data with unprecedented speed and efficiency
Simplify IT landscapes for both current and next-generation applications
Access a range of external and internal data sources from a single environment
Improve data availability and disaster recovery with real-time data movement
Adapt to emerging IT trends without disrupting current service levels
Solve business / IT needs with components that can be deployed individually or collectively

Extreme Online Transactions

Meet challenges of extreme transaction processing with a powerful combination of in-memory computing, extreme transaction processing, and event stream processing with 


Limited Run-time for Applications.

Transform traditional business processes to capture new market opportunities
Improve quality and speed of decision making across any organization
Break down information silos and get a 360-degree view of any enterprise

Radical Information Simplification

Dramatically simplify the information management strategy while increasing confidence in data quality with SAP HANA, Real-Time Data Edition bundle.
Process transactional and analytical data in a single in-memory database
Accelerate current applications ?nd quickly develop new ones
Synchronize data across diverse environments to improve performance and stability
Deliver complete and accurate information by managing any-size data from any source

Next-Generation Business

Build a next-generation business and capitalize on 

Big Data

, Internet of Things, and

M2M technology

?ith SAP Real-Time Data Platform.

Renew, extend, and turbocharge existing applications
Preserve application choice and flexibility ?ith open data management
Use new solutions not supported by older batch-oriented data management systems
Adapt to emerging IT trends without disrupting current service levels
Gain massive performance increases by managing business in real time

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