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BI + Analytics = Enterprise Data Discovery

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time thats still the goal of everyday business intelligence. We provide easy-to-use, self-service BI capabilities and the deployment of real-time analytics directly to mobile devices and Microsoft applications. So every decision maker wherever they are can monitor key metrics and make informed decisions. And features like governance, centralized metadata and scalability make it suitable for enterprise IT, too.

Data Visualization

Seeing is knowing.

Explore all your data. Discover new patterns. Create rich visuals and share insights. With SAS, you can:
Get the picture. Fast. Get blazingly fast insights by exploring all relevant data, visually. In just seconds, you can spot previously unknown patterns, identify key relationships and uncover insights that would otherwise stay hidden.
See it. Understand it. With compelling visuals, learn what your data has to tell you. Visualizations backed by analytics are explained in terms that everyone can understand.
Stop guessing. Start autocharting. Dont know which chart would best display the results of your analysis? With autocharting, the chart that is best-suited to the type of data you select is automatically chosen for you. No more guesswork. No coding required.

Easy Analytics

Always powerful. Now easy to use.

By putting the worlds most powerful analytics in everyones hands, your organization can reap the rewards of knowing more, faster. With SAS, you can:
Find the metrics that matter most. Quickly and easily identify outliers, spot correlations, recognize trends, forecast future outcomes and find the opportunities that drive competitive advantage
Expand your analytics-based culture. With powerful analytics that anyone can use, you can drive adoption of analytics throughout your business intelligence community.
Ratchet up your reporting with the worlds best analytics. What do you get when you combine simplified ad hoc query and reporting, an intuitive interface and world-class analytics? An enterprise BI platform suitable for everyones needs.

Mobile BI & Reporting

Know on the go.

Its here. Its there. Its everywhere. Powerful analytics and customized results delivered wherever theyre needed. With SAS, you can:
Create mashup reports that wow. Whether its web-based dashboards, reports for mobile devices or graphics for your PowerPoint presentations, interactive, eye-catching visuals help your decision makers quickly understand business performance.
Take it with you wherever you go. The need to answer questions and make decisions about your business doesnt stop just because youre away from the office. Now your road-warrior decision makers can see and interact with critical information and decision-making data anytime, anywhere on iPad® or Android tablets.
Work in familiar everyday environments. Data insights gleaned can be easily incorporated into documents everyone is using in their everyday work. Information workers can continue to work within their familiar Microsoft environments while transparently using SAS Analytics and BI capabilities.


Employees spend 90% of their time in email. Why not add BI and analytics?

Its a social world. Why not put your analytics and BI where they can be shared? With SAS, you can:
Put business intelligence and analytics where people work most. Only SAS drives faster adoption by surfacing results and key insights in Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook and Excel.
Exchange ideas and insights. As more business users have access to more data and analytics, its important for them to have conversations about results. Interactive commenting and annotations let you centralize your conversations.
Drive alignment for better business decisions. Spread the word with visual insights, and expand the reach of information you push out.

Self-Service BI

Anyone can do it.

Is it possible to satisfy IT and business users who want to explore and analyze data on their own? Yes it is. With SAS, you can:
Empower everyone with self-service SAS Analytics. Users of all skill levels can conduct fast, thorough explorations on all data. Forecast the future. Experiment with different scenarios. Analyze text data. Discover the best options and make more precise decisions.
Do it yourself, and set IT free. The self-service, ad hoc visualization environment lets you load, explore and share data on your own, without burdening IT. And it puts an end to the waiting game. Youre in control.
Take Microsoft Office to the next level. Microsoft Office is the very definition of self-service. Put SAS Analytics and BI into this familiar working environment, whether its email inboxes or Excel spreadsheets.