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SAS Viya is a powerful modernized open architecture that can surmount any challenge of mission critical business analytics. Ready to deploy on cloud platform, SAS Viya is enabled with in-memory support to deliver fast and accurate results every time you run your applications.SAS Viya offers future proof solution to address the complex analytical challenges. This uniquely governed analytics environment is built on a standardized code base that incorporates fault-tolerant processing for both SAS and non-SAS programming languages. It is a multipurpose comprehensive platform that serves every level of organizational structure that includes data scientists, business analysts, executives and application developers. It also supports in governing agile IT infrastructure for both public and private cloud implementations.

Capabilities :

In memory analytical processing with elastic scalability
Open and standardized analytics coding environment
SAS Analytics for data manipulation, analytical reporting, and advanced analytics
One code base that is accessible from other languages
Includes public REST APIs to integrate SAS analytics with existing applications
Inclusive environment to perform the tasks associated with entire analytical life cycle

Packages :

SAS Viya offerings SAS Viya Offerings is a proposed upgraded version that will take advantage of SAS Viya?cloud-ready and open architecture. This will include a coding interface along with an interactive visual, point-and-click interface.
SAS Viya Environment Manager: This SAS Viya utility package helps the stakeholders to customize individual and group permissions to a granular level. Administrators can define advanced system settings by drilling deep into access-level categories.

Advantages :

Organizations can conquer every analytical challenge in a faster way
Accelerates resource sharing and assembling of solutions with embedded analytical services
Optimized means of developing governed applications that can quickly deliver answers and attain best results
Offers unified environment to synchronize task applications of analytical lifecycle that ultimately reduces the change management cost
Increases business productivity by streamlining frequent workloads of daily routine.
Customizable dashboards offer administrators a complete visibility across the entire SAS Viya analytical environment
Enhances workforce collaboration by providing consolidated web-based interface with standardized unified components