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Is your system architecture designed to prevent unauthorised access? Is your cloud data and application secured from cyber threats? Have you conducted adequate security analysis prior to adopting cloud technology? If any of these concerns are troubling you too, let Vast Edge assist in getting out of it. Vast Edge provides top-notch reliability, implements security guidelines to ensure authenticated access control of cloud data, and prevents invasion from external and internal threats.

Security Analytics Services by Vast Edge

  • HP

    ArcSight Analytics is a big data behaviour based anomaly detection solution giving enterprises customizable dashboard for visualizing their users, network and applications integrated with SIEM, to prioritize events according to compliance and offer DNS malware analytics.

  • RSA

    RSA Security Analytics Decoder is a configurable real-time network appliance for analysis of network packet and log data from endpoints to cloud. The clients can discover attacks missed by log-centric SIEM and can correlate network packets using signature-based tools for security data.


    JSA Virtual Appliance, is a virtualized security information and event management (SIEM) system that consolidates system vulnerabilities with network data from distributed application systems. It helps in prioritizing security incidents with its master console and delivers security intelligence in a cost-effective manner.

  • IBM

    IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform provides a comprehensive, integrated approach that combines real-time correlation across structured and unstructured data for continuous custom insights and forensic capabilities. IBM solution helps find hidden malicious activity with deep evaluation and operation on an organization's data.


    Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics automatically investigates suspicious web traffic to establish a presence with response to the attacks without additional hardware or software. It uses Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX) and Trusted Automated Exchange of Indicator Information (TAXII) for integrating with SIEM platforms.

Cloud Vendor Lock-In

In case of cloud migration, enterprises require an assessment to provision for a better lift and shift of data and IT workload policy to orchestrate cost-cutting. Vast Edge offers a state-of-the-art solution to deal with vendor lock-in scenarios to aid in the optimization of the overall cost and performance of the infrastructure and software applications.

  • Address effective employment of redundant cloud.
  • Fine-tuned strategy for migration compatibility of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS architecture.
  • Minimise the risk of losing confidentiality, integrity and availability.
  • Provisions for a risk-free NIST framework implementation.
  • Offers migration with reduced disruption of services while minimizing expenditure.
  • Cloud security assurance that offers an exit strategy ahead for continuity of operations, if the worst-case scenario occurs.

Lack of Insight and Control over Supply Chain

While adopting cloud migration, enterprises, in general, faces a lack of insight and control over supply chain practices for hardware and technical aspects of their services. Vast Edge provisions testing on the CSP's hardware to check for compliance and reduce counterfeiting concerns like tampering, malware, and, spyware.

  • Dynamic software and version updates like OS, web servers, and database servers in PaaS and IaaS environments.
  • Advanced networking in the architecture for SaaS environment.
  • Offers SLAs to provide information and additional control.
  • Instils FedRAMP controls for supply chain compliances.
  • Enhanced insight into the architecture and servers.

Patch and Version Management Complication

Vast Edge helps enterprises ensure security by monitoring, reviewing and installing updates and patches in order to uphold system stability and performance.

  • Prevents mishap while deploying updates and patches.
  • Provisions MFA for bugs, Zero-day exploits and other security issues.
  • Automates patching, update deployments, and termination of services.
  • Vulnerabilities related to services, software, applications, and hardware is patched dynamically.
  • Support for platform or software application service in case of an unexpected shutdown.

Data Security

Data security threats like malicious attacks, accidental deletion, a physical catastrophe, or any such mishaps are a major concern for enterprises. Vast Edge leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to avoid data loss and provide multi-factor authentication for safe storage and back-up. We implement top-notch recovery methods to restore critical data in case of any malicious attack or catastrophic failures.
  • Offers situational awareness and set priorities using AI.
  • Delivers advanced storage table model to avoid data loss.
  • Provide alternatives for effective management of security and privacy.
  • Enhanced availability, integrity and confidentiality of enterprise data.
  • Offers cloud environment to ensure adequate security measures and compliance.
  • Data protection laws and regulations along with DR for accidental or malicious deletion.
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Configuration security

Vast Edge orchestrates standard steps to ensure security controls and configurations for computer systems in order to protect against vulnerabilities. Vast Edge has decades of experience and understanding of how cloud security works.

  • Provides additional training to manage new security controls, interfaces, applications, paradigms, and vulnerabilities associated with the cloud.
  • Configure system control to avoid the vulnerability of exploitation such as compromise of user accounts or a data breach.
  • Dynamic configuration of system, application, and network to avoid loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

Physical security management

In a traditional on-premise network environment, businesses want control over the physical security measures used for protecting their systems. Vast Edge provides strong management of physical assets that strengthen access to servers, configurations, network and fight against malware.

  • Risks associated with the cloud are reduced by inducing AI and ML at the physical location.
  • Data security, privacy, and storage supported by advanced cloud technology to protect against malicious attacks.
  • Data sources, if compromised, are shut down with warning.

Foreign Storage Security

Businesses, now-a-day, are rapidly moving and aiming for a global market. In such scenarios, storing data at multiple venues is a dire need for enterprises. Vast Edge provisions for advanced control of data storage and processing across geographical locations.

  • Periodic review of data for compliance and fulfil legal requirements across the globe.
  • Foreign data secured and encrypted using MFA to protect against inadvertent or malicious redirect to any foreign server.
  • Provisions for security compliance while moving data from one location to another.
  • Backed by legal and highly accepted plan with compliance to laws and regulations set by the specific region

Compliance with Laws and Regulation

Vast Edge deploys a traditional on-premise computing environment in the cloud so that enterprises are ensured for compliance with various laws and regulations concerning the data sets. It further allows them to presume the control of the operating environment and the systems.

  • Coordination reviews to implement security measure.
  • Provide an additional level of authenticity to ensure compliance.
  • Integration with other CSP services, verifications and SLAs.
  • Support for laws and regulations including FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS.

Increased complexity and burden on IT staff

Vast Edge helps enterprise prepare and train their IT staff to manage, integrate and maintain cloud assets. We offer services, techniques and tools so that enterprises can avail advance insights and reduce the complexity of the hectic task and IT burden on staff.

  • Ensure best practices and computing standards.
  • Service and review of compliance with rules, regulations, and, laws.
  • Extreme diligence to conduct a smooth and secure transition of data.
  • Displaces acceptable plan for policy, management, legal, and procurement.
  • Ensures data encryption, establishes proper logging and offers appropriate access controls and authentication.

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Since 2004, Vast Edge has been providing cloud services including ERP implementation, integrations, migrations, data analytics, and application development. Vast Edge has recently been recognized in the Forbes Magazine as the top velocity partner and is also a certified Oracle Azure, Google, AWS cloud partner.
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