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Security Analytics

With impeccable and faster detection capabilities, Security Analytics addresses the probable occurrence of advanced IT security breaches. At a time when security teams need to know literally everything going on in their infrastructure and IT team has to utilize this information in the most efficient way possible to stay one step ahead of attackers- Security analysis plays its role.

Key Benefits

Security Analytics combines security intelligence and Big Data analytics to better identify, understand,and investigate IT threats. The Security Analytics helps the organization with :-
Improved security with complete visibility
Out of the box security
Early attacks detection
More effective monitoring
Incident investigation
Behavior modeling for suspicious detection
Granted action

VastEdge- Helping you harness the power of Enterprise Security

We provide the following reliable and state of the art designed software for security analytics in corporate partnership with the world's leading Security Analytics vendors including :


ArcSight Analytics is a big data Behavior Based Anomaly Detection solution giving enterprises customizable dashboard for visualizing their users, network and applications integrated with SIEM, to prioritize events according to compliance and offer DNS malware analytics.


RSA Security Analytics Decoder is a configurable real-time network appliance for analysis of network packet and log data from endpoints to cloud. The clients can discover attacks missed by log-centric SIEM and can correlate network packets using signature-based tools for security data.


JSA Virtual Appliance, is a virtualized security information and event management (SIEM) system that consolidates system vulnerabilities with network data from distributed application systems. It helps in prioritizing security incidents with its master console and delivers security intelligence in a cost-effective manner.


IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform provides a comprehensive, integrated approach that combines real-time correlation across structured and unstructured data for continuous custom insights and forensic capabilities. IBM solution helps find hidden malicious activity with deep evaluation and operation on an organization's data.


Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics automatically investigates suspicious web traffic to establish a presence with response to the attacks without additional hardware or software. It uses Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX) and Trusted Automated Exchange of Indicator Information (TAXII) for integrating with SIEM platforms.

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