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Enhanced Cyber Protection

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a cluster of technology practices concentrated on defending computer networks, programs and data from unauthorized access or accidental damage. In mobile computing, Cyber security is a term defined for security implications that embraces in itself the following key elements:
- Application security
- Network security
- Information security
- Disaster and backup recovery

Why is Cyber Security important?

With the growing potential and sophistication of cyber attacks, the current ongoing concentration is necessitated to protect sensitive information, failing which the security threats could range from inconvenience to breath-taking risks.
The conventional approach for thwarting attacks majorly focus on protection against bigger threats, leaving behind less important yet necessary small system components to be checked and defended. This approach seems to be insufficient in tackling the current scenario security risk factors across military corporations, government and financial institutions, online businesses and other segments of the industry.


Cyber Security Solutions

VastEdge provides adaptive Cyber Security solutions that prevent business critical data from internal and external threats. We are staffed by security experts which not only help you in minimizing business risk but also reduce implementation costs. VastEdge Cyber Security System prioritizes security management programs and focus on solutions that assist clients with maintaining continuity of business operations at highest level of security.

Oracle Cloud Security

For decades, Oracle has been know to provide enterprise grade security at all layers especially around database and application servers. Oracle has comprehensive suite of security applications to secure and monitor your cloud platforms at Oracle as well as non-Oracle clouds including on premise data centers. CASB (cloud access security broker) product from Oracle is a stellar software to project your cloud from threads and provides real time information on the cloud access layer including data protection. The OMC (oracle management cloud) product enables customers to monitor and secure the applications and databases. this is achieved by installing an agent on the servers to monitor performance and provide intrusion detection / prevention. OMC performs log analysis and has a feature to enable compliance across cloud platforms. [See more]

Check Point

Check Point's ICS/SCADA cyber security solutions offer advanced proactive threat detection combined with precipitous appliances and exclusive protocol support. This assures a no-compromise situation with company’s important assets like power generation and traffic control facilities, water treatment systems, etc. Threat prevention software and utilities by Check Point combat modern sophisticated cyber attacks and cater multi layered approach towards threat prevention. [See more]


IBM, with the launch of IBM Watson, has beefed up cyber security by taking on cyber crimes with futuristic cloud-based technology. IBM Watson is a cognitive computing system that is being planned to undergo further enhancements with the processing of above 15,000 security intelligence reports in the span of one month. Watson has proved a great boon to the company in becoming strong contender in the battle of advanced machine learning. [See more]


Symantec Cyber Security Services can get your organization’s operations back to normal with rich actionable cyber threat intelligence mechanisms. Symantec’s DeepSight Intelligence powerfully breaks down the broad landscape of cyber threat and vanishes potential impact of threat to harm your organization. Encompassing hactivism and cyber espionage, this context rich and adversary focused solution gives you excellent visibility into the potential global threats. [See more]


VMware is transforming the way to operationalize enterprise security over the web and distributed computing against any type of cyber attacks. The new VMware NSX is a virtualization network software that aligns a genuine security architecture to protect across computing, storage, networking and cloud environment. It creates proactive strategic defense to secure the most valuable assets of an organization. [See more]

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