Data center transformation is the process of altering a data center to improve its complete functionality and performance. Some experts define and characterize data center transformation as large-scale programs of change that affect many of the vital parts of data center use, including hardware setups, users and business processes

Introduction: An Approach to Data Center Transformation

Virtualization has resulted in ever greater resource utilization and efficiency in the data center. As a result, many data centers are going through major transformations to take even better advantage of virtualization technologies. As virtualization increases, so too does the complexity of the network, which can reduce the benefits of virtualization and impact an organization's ability to keep up with the pace of business. Networks must, therefore, evolve along with other data center technologies to enable customers to utilize their data center resources to the fullest extent and to maximize return on network investment.

Data center transformation is all about accumulating services, technologies, IT processes, and skills to convert the environment into one that is sharp, agile, and sustainable. VastEdge also deals in the same services and processes to help you implement, design, and manage data-center solutions. We help you align business priorities and enable high performance with more responsive and more cost-effective data-center capabilities.


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