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What is a Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud is an integrated cloud service consuming both private and public clouds to perform dissimilar functions within the same organisation. All cloud computing services should offer certain efficiencies to differing degrees but public cloud services are likely to be more cost proficient and scalable than private clouds. Therefore, an organisation can capitalize on their efficiencies by employing public cloud services for all non-sensitive operations, only relying on a private cloud where they require it and ensuring that all of their platforms are smoothly integrated.


Hybrid cloud models can be employed in a number of ways:

- Separate cloud providers team up to present both private and public services as an integrated service
- Individual cloud providers recommend a complete hybrid package
- Organisations who supervise their private clouds themselves sign up to a public cloud service which they then integrate into their infrastructure

Hybrid cloud is particularly valuable for dynamic or highly variable workloads. For example, a transactional order entry system that experiences considerable demand spikes around the holiday season is a good hybrid cloud contestant. The application could run in private cloud, but use cloud bursting to access supplementary computing assets from a public cloud when computing demands spike. To connect private and public cloud resources, this model requires a hybrid cloud environment.


A hybrid cloud configuration, such as hybrid hosting, can offer its users the following features:
Scalability: though private clouds do offer a certain level of scalability depending on their configurations (whether they are hosted internally or externally for example), public cloud services will offer scalability with less boundaries because resource is drawn from the larger cloud infrastructure. By moving as many non-sensitive functions as feasible to the public cloud it allows an organisation to profit from public cloud scalability whilst dropping the demands on a private cloud.
Cost efficiencies again public clouds are expected to offer more significant economies of scale (such as centralised management), and so greater cost efficiencies, than private clouds. Hybrid clouds consequently allow organisations to access these savings for as many business functions as possible whilst still keeping sensitive operations secure.
Security: the private cloud element of the hybrid cloud model not only offers the security where it is needed for sensitive operations but can also suit regulatory requirements for data handling and storage where it is applicable.
Flexibility the accessibility of both secure resource and scalable cost effective public resource can provide organisations with more opportunities to discover different operational avenues

Raise the performance of mission-critical applications by opting Hybrid Cloud Services, available at VastEdge. We help your organization in mapping digital future and maximizing the value of current IT infrastructure by identifying opportunities and risks. VastEdge also analyses infrastructure design, and recommend options.

Microsoft Azure Stack

Azure Stack is a new Microsoft hybrid cloud platform product that enables enterprises to deliver Azure services from their own data centers. It provides true agility features of hybrid cloud to harness the potential of cloud services. The administrator and stakeholders have the choice for keeping applications either in the data center or with cloud service provider. Azure Stack facilitates convenient access to public cloud resources for scaling efficiency by bringing the cloud computing model to every data center. Microsoft solely develops and runs its own Hyper-V data centers and delivers innovation to its client's data center needs.

VMware vCloud Air

VMware offers vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager for IaaS platform services. It capacitates private cloud through vSphere and public cloud space through vCloud Air. This whole panorama of VMware hybrid cloud infrastructure makes it even easier to build a real time hybrid environment to migrate applications to and from the public cloud, without manipulating different management tools, APIs and interfaces. vCloud Air simplifies the VMware workload management on public cloud and maximizes the increased ROI opportunities.

HPE Helion

HP Enterprise delivers the right mix ratio of 19 percent public and 81 percent private cloud capabilities combined with conventional IT services for hybrid environment through HPE Helion. HPE Helion is a one stop for the products and services to help businesses create an open, secure and flexible hybrid cloud with built-in future-forward strategies for success.

IBM Bluemix

Powered by Relay delivery mechanism, Bluemix Local-as-a-Service is delivered with a model-centric framework around currently operational activities of collaborative computing with IT department. This helps the business teams to take advantage of the cloud—of new on-premise services, and updates to open source run through a consistent testing and validation process;in a way that doesn't require establishing a new DevOps organization. Bluemix is designed for ambitious organizations that aspire to work on both traditional IT and new SaaS application tools.

EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

The latest EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution unifies the best of private and public cloud for IaaS platform services through the most favored use of hardware, software and engineering services solution. EMC's EHCS products offer accelerated time-to-value benefits with its Software-Defined Data Center Edition for vSphere, Microsoft Cloud Platform and OpenStack for private cloud and vCloud Air, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure for public cloud compatibility operations. EMC hybrid clouds are based on OpenStack that provides extended data protection to the cloud-born applications.

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