Hybrid Cloud

Although cloud has simplified infrastructure management, it is becoming increasingly difficult to seamlessly manage and integrate multiple cloud platforms. This has resulted in security risks, increase in multi cloud management costs to support specific skills required for individual clouds.

As per Gartner, "In 2019, hybrid IT will be the standard. Technical professionals focused on cloud must continue to advance cloud-first strategies, embrace multi cloud and maintain on-premises environments, with a focus on integration and brokering."

Vast Edge has solved this multi cloud management challenge by providing innovative and simple to use tools for controlling various clouds from a unified dashboard. This centralized dashboard provides modules to orchestrate and terminate services, set alerts with process level monitoring, and record access audit trail.

As an example, customers can now easily change encryption keys/passwords and start/stop services when employees leave the company. Simply put, Vast Edge Hybrid Cloud Manager hides cloud adoption complexities behind an abstraction layer using cloud API's.

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