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Online Dispute Resolution

Disputes, disagreement, and conflicts have been rising like never before and have become the inescapable part of trading and business dealings between individuals, organization and business partners. They originate not only from the online interaction but also from the offline and face to face communication.

Dispute Resolution using technology empowers customers to resolve issues anytime, anywhere and cost-effectively. Online dispute resolution (ODR) helps organizations to effectively handle or resolve substantial scales of disputes while providing a seamless lawsuit process to both the parties. Vast Edge had developed a Comprehensive Cloud-Based Online dispute resolution Software for Easy Dispute Management using proven tools and technology.

Vast Edge is a privileged managed service provider (MSP)managed service provider (MSP) with skills, proven tools, and expertise to build, deploy, run, and manage the Cloud Platform. Since 2004, Vast Edge has assisted a wide variety of enterprises both start-ups or Fortune 50 in their cloud platform endeavours. On top of that, Vast Edge has been listed in Forbes as one of the most successful MSPs aiding businesses in their cloud journey.

Vast Edge's Online Dispute Resolution Software

24*7 Support

Vast Edge provides constant 24*7 customer service support for online mediation, assisted negotiation, evaluation or any query related to online dispute resolution software/platform.

Quick Solutions

Vast Edge assists in faster resolution and improves the timeframes for resolving disputes online in days as compared to other legal alternatives which take years.

Secure content sharing

Vast Edge allows only legal firms & parties to log in and view their case history anytime. We ensure the availability or secure sharing of dispute data to concerned parties and experts only.


Vast Edge helps customers to lower their cost by enabling them to select the amount which they can pay to resolve their dispute. Also, the hired experts provide support till final resolution and Vast edge's ODR software is more cost-effective compared with traditional Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Intuitive online process

Our Online dispute resolution Software is simple, fast, convenient that is equipped with technological devices such as recording for the court hearing, video-conference, e-mail, chats, storage of referencing related documents or e-signature for Electronic consent, etc.

Simple to use screens

Vast Edge's ODR software helps customers to design and implement automated online resolution pathways with friendly and easy to use interface - regular alerts, notifications for new updates, easy to request and add information about the case.

Expert Advice

Vast Edge enables the customers to file a free claim and get expert advice that is customized to their needs.

Search an Arbitrator

Find experienced mediators, adjudicators and arbitrators for disputes and schedule your meeting with top advocates, lawyers and mediators.

About Vast Edge - Simplified Cloud Solutions

Vast Edge offers a customized range of secure, reliable and optimized industrial cloud-based solutions to cater to the current and future needs. We have our expertise in designing end-to-end business solutions across diverse functional domains. Vast Edge is leading with a competitive edge in the market for our best-in-the-industry products and business solutions.

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