VastEdge has proven analytic skills to implement near real time IoT / edge analytics by integrating data from organizations, institutions and consumers to provide actionable tasks. We are one of the leading manufacturing companies providing analytic software for BioHarness monitoring devices. Overcoming the drawback of high cost and inability to perform real time data processing down to a second causing a delayed processing is where VastEdge has risen as a trusted name with the expertise and experienced approach to achieve success. We have successfully developed and delivered BioHarness monitoring software based on real time data working and having UI compatibility with almost browsers and OS platforms. The software has been built with use of lowest level Java based server side technology without adding additional vendor specific layers to process data in near real time.

Atmospheric Dispersal Detection

VastEdge has proudly added another feather in its cap by developing an Environment Monitoring Software as the world's first wireless personal real time monitoring for toxic gases and oxygen. We have a newly designed solution created in such a manner that it unifies delivery of content such as safety alerts in real time across web, tablet, calling and mobile application platforms.Thereby, drastically lowering the costs and increasing the operational efficiency. We have designed multi-tenant, mobile friendly, near real time web based physiological monitoring applications which can scale to monitor up to 7000 sensors per customer sending data every second to the incident commanders and safety managers anywhere at any time. This application accepts real-time detector data and instantly displays device status, alarm, and sensor reading information, integrating all information on a single, dynamic map display. This is useful in fire detection, individual healthcare and leakage risk prevention.

Voice & Communication

VastEdge is rendering enterprise class voice, video, and data services to small/medium organizations and mobile work-force in the US through its own built unified communications platform- Unified IP(UIP). UIP's robust solution can be easily integrated into any existing application portfolio, providing cutting edge features to ever increasing business requirements. This platform simplifies integration of various forms of communications (such as telephony, presence, unified messaging, video conferencing, email, web conference, SMS, fax) to optimize business processes, enable closed loop collaboration, and reduce response time. UIP uses industry leading devices from CISCO and Panasonic to deliver lifelike HD Voice experience with enterprise PBX features that help in optimizing business processes. Unified Collaboration services offered by UIP help in increasing productivity, reducing costs, and accelerating business decisions.

Cloud Integrated Services

VastEdge is committed towards extending vital solutions for converged infrastructure and optimizing shared services which form the core foundations of Cloud services.As per recent research by Markets and Markets, the BYOD (bring your own device) market will increase to $181 billion by 2017, and 50% of employers will require employees to use their own devices for work by 2017 as per Gartner BYOD research. VastEdge empowers enterprises with methodologies and tools to mitigate risks for data center migrations. The service includes assessment of existing cloud readiness across applications, departments and locations to assist in workload prioritization and tools to migrate securely with minimal downtime. VastEdge cloud services are leveraging IBM’s Softlayer, Amazon's AWS, VCloud Air as well as on premise infrastructure to provide an optimized hybrid cloud platform.


In today's modern era, there has been a rapid change in the advancing technologies in retail industry. Consumers are evolving their shopping habits and exceeding their expectations faster than retailers can adjust whether it is mobile shopping or personalized customer service. Retailers are leveraging digital technologies to face the growing competition and shrinking margins. With the new appearing goods and items in the market, there is a drastic increase in the preference for access to online item availability and purchase. VastEdge is successfully expanding its sphere of presence through its IT consulting and industry specific services to various retail businesses across the globe. Furthermore, we have successfully delivered projects to the companies in various segments of the industry including Coupon album, Heaven Dew, Hub4deals, mart buddy and many more in the row.

Business Solutions

As quoted by Meg Whitman- "When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable." Thus to encapsulate innovation, expansion and success of a business venture, it becomes needful for the involved to reach out customers across the globe with a strategic planning and also possess capabilities in driving success by implementing scalable platform for business specific needs, thereby maintaining and supporting ERP solutions. VastEdge is attaining new heights in delivering ready to deploy comprehensive, optimized ERP systems and CRM services by virtue of its expert team and partnership with leaders of the industry segment. We have been so far, successful in drawing the clients towards our evident records and expertise in developing ERP systems for incorporating Business Intelligence into organizational operations and hence providing real-time visibility to make better, faster business decisions.


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