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Mobility Without Vulnerability

Mobility in business continues to change and evolve and businesses need to constantly work together to solve new issues and challenges as they arise. Symantec supports and provides useful tools for professionals and organizations to embrace mobility with confidence. Company offers comprehensive mobile protection without compromising user experience.

Enterprise Mobility Trends

Plan Business Mobility Strategy. It enable seamless coexistence of personal and business activities. Symantec offers a complete solution for diverse enterprise mobilityneeds. Enterprises with mobile initiatives should consider a comprehensive approach to address diverse use cases. An integrated solution that supports the five key areas of enterprise mobility user and app access, app and data protection, device management, threat protection, and secure file sharing provides complete mobile protection. Partner with a brand synonymous with trust and information protection.

6 Ways Business May Be Losing Mobile Data Even Without Knowing It

6 Ways Business May Be Losing Mobile Data

Device Loss And Theft

Its not the device that matters, but potential link it provides to the companys applications and data.

Data Leakage

Well-intentioned employee actions, such as using cloud for file sharing or collaboration, can lead to information exposure and attacks.

Malware and Malicious Attacks

Bad guys see mobility as their next target, while traditional IT isnt paying attention to mobile malware yet.

Shared Devices and Passwords

Sharing accounts with friends and family causes most data breaches. Use two-factor authentication to protect business information.

Jailbreaking and Rooting

Prevent user-modified devices from accessing the network, as they can circumvent important security features and policies.

Wi-Fi and Wireless Snooping

Discourage free Wi-Fi use. Companies have no control or visibility and these networks are prone to malicious traffic.

Implement a Comprehensive Mobile Solution

Enable BYOD and embrace mobile devices in the enterprise regardless of ownership.

Why Symantec?

Symantec has the broadest set of technologies to securely enable a mobile workforce. Businesses have multiple use cases, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Symantec supports a device-centric and app-centric approach that solves data protection problems without touching the rest of the device.

Secure Mobile Apps

Enable enterprise-ready Apps and develop trusted mobile applications with Symantec.

Why Symantec Sealed?

Symantec empowers mobile app developers to create an ecosystem of enterprise-ready apps. Sealed apps comply with app distribution rules, while providing customers with 3rd party apps that are ready for central management and enterprise deployment.

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