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Symantec protects the cloud and gives businesses the confidence needed in cloud initiatives whether an organization is directly consuming

cloud services, building its own cloud, or extending IT operations to include other clouds.

Protected Clouds

Gain visibility and control
Get flexibility to grow on demand
Leverage existing IT investments
Lately, it seems as if every enterprise has its head in the clouds. IT demands efficiency, business units demand flexibility, and end users demand convenience. Add growing budget pressures into the mix, and its easy to understand why people are turning toward cloud computing. A recent survey of IT professionals found that by 2014, 75 percent of respondents plan to pursue a private cloud computing strategy, and 50 percent of organizations are already using some form of SaaS as part of their application strategy. But its not all sunshine up there. An October 2011 study of more than 3,700 IT professionals in 35 countries exposed significant gaps between expectations and results in four key areas: time-to-provision, scalability, efficiency, and security.

Reach for the cloud from more solid ground

Reality is that path to a protected and confident cloud may be scattered with potholes. While moving to cloud often yields operational efficiencies and business agility, it must not increase business availability or security vulnerabilities. Enterprise must remain protected in the move to cloud.
Cloud outages and cloud breaches can be avoided with an approach that aligns with enterprise IT investment strategy. Three patterns of successful cloud deployments have emerged: consuming cloud services directly, building cloud services, and extending existing IT to leverage other third-party cloud services. These models differ in key success factors, required skills, vendor capabilities, and investment priorities.
Whether an organization want to consume services directly, build its own cloud for internal operations or external reach, or extend into third-party clouds safely and efficiently, Symantec delivers a path to a protected cloud that helps business be more confident in the cloud.

Consume Cloud Services

One model of cloud computing that enterprises have embraced is hosted services. Through this model of the cloud, businesses can consume more services without assuming more responsibilities for purchasing, installing, managing, and maintaining new hardware, systems, or software. Directly consuming cloud-based services requires up-front evaluation and ongoing oversight to ensure enterprise information remains safe and available.
Businesses look to simplify their IT by relying on cloud service providers to deliver more and more of the IT stack. In this model, provider must ensure information remains protected.
Pre-integrated SaaS solutions with unparalleled customer support
A cloud-based solution is only as good as its ability to deliver upon its promises. In business-critical areas of security and data protection, Symantec provides a backbone of strength that makes it safe to consume services from the cloud. Get required services, the way business want them:
Proven: With Symantec, all services are backed by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs) 24x7x365 customer support. Symantec has a track record of more than 11 years of success delivering services in more than 100 countries.
Pre-integrated: Select among 16 SaaS-based solutions designed and pretested to work with each other and with the current infrastructure investments.
Performance-driven: Start small and grow. Symantec cloud services scale with the enterprises, delivering required performance, as needed by the business.

Build Cloud Services

Many enterprises want agility and efficiency promised with cloud computing, but they still desire visibility and control they have in their data center. Symantec allows businesses to build their public and private cloud on the best foundation possible.
Instead of locking business into a single-vendor solution, or demanding a complete overhaul of the infrastructure, Symantecs cutting-edge storage, availability, security, and backup portfolio serves as the bridge between infrastructure enterprise has and the cloud capabilities needed.

Genius of a heterogeneous approach

In real world of mixed IT environments, Symantec allows to build clouds efficiently:

Your systems, your solution

With Symantec, business can build its cloud with hardware, operating systems, databases, and applications that are currently available. As business grows, its not locked into one cloud in a box solution Symantec allows to expand with the most efficient options available.

Secure and compliant virtual infrastructure

Many clouds are built leveraging virtualization technologies, and Symantec provides deeply integrated, highly protected support for virtualization technologies such as VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Keep cloud up and running

Reduce or eliminate downtime for mission-critical applications, and in the event of failure, automatically re-orchestrate business services running on different platforms.

Single console for complete control

For maximum agility, Symantec provides centralized management and single-window visibility across any 

operating system platform

or storage type, from application to backend device.

Extend into the Cloud

New public cloud services go online every day, and they represent an attractive opportunity to seize new capabilities without imposing new demands on business internal systems. With right connections, the open borders between private IT and public clouds can add agility to enterprise operations.
But wrong kind of connections without control or visibility can expose enterprise to unwelcome risk. Worse, employees may be using unauthorized cloud services (for email or social media, for example), creating a shadow IT that escapes the detection and supervision.
Symantec helps extending existing IT investments and leverage third-party cloud services safely and efficiently. Through a centralized control point for all cloud interactions public, private, or shadow Symantec allows leveraging flexibility of public resources without sacrificing consistency of business security and compliance controls.

Visibility and efficiency from the ground up

With Symantec solutions, businesses can accelerate adoption of third-party public cloud services, minimize the risks of external cloud and mobile devices, and prove compliance for the cloud.

Intelligent interactions

Whats going out, in, and across? Symantec O3TM supports most public cloud applications, giving businesses complete visibility and control over the what, who, and how of information movement.

Lighting up the shadows

On-premise or in the clouds, organizations assets are protected wherever data and employees go, even within the shadows of unauthorized cloud services.

Consistent compliance

Symantec solutions can automatically detect and intercept sensitive data for management, applying consistent legal and regulatory controls to information without compromising the speed of business conduct and communications. End result: efficient operations with an audit trail of accountability.

Leverage third-party storage clouds

Symantec backup solutions support several leading cloud storage vendors, allowing businesses to seamlessly leverage external cloud storage.

Secure the shadows

Symantec solutions not only allow enterprises to safely extend business into the cloud, but help securing the invisible cloud activities within the organization, including:
Cloud file share services such as DropboxTM, BoxTM, Microsoft Office 365, and more
Social media activity on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTubeTM, Twitter, etc.
Cloud email services such as Google Gmail
IaaS on the cloud, such as Amazon Web ServicesTM
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