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Deeply Integrated. Highly Protected. Symantec can help businesses take critical steps in extending benefits of virtualization to even most business-critical applications and build desired private cloud services on existing infrastructure that are both secure and compliant.

Integrated Solutions For The Next Stage Of Your Journey

Virtualize Tier 1 Applications Faster

Accelerate virtualization of business critical applications by increasing visibility and control across application tiers, improving storage I/O performance and availability and unifying backup and recovery across physical and virtual domains all while maintaining security and compliance businesses can trust.

Reference Architectures for Business Critical Virtualization

Symantec now offers reference architectures for business critical virtualization to facilitate faster deployments of Microsoft applications on VMware virtualization server platforms, enhanced by Symantec software. These specialized solution blueprints demonstrate how organizations can meet the demands for application performance, availability, security, and cost with server virtualization solutions.
Development and validation of these solutions follows industry-standard enterprise architecture development methods, as defined by The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), to accelerate adoption into enterprises production environment. Documented best practices help increase business value and return on investment from Symantec virtualization server software to effectively accelerate next phase deployments of virtualization initiatives. Architectures within this series include Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange and Sharepoint.

Build a Resilient and Secure Private Cloud

Build resilient and secure private cloud services on the existing infrastructure and take virtualized data center to the next level of resource optimization.

Build highly protected, highly available clouds with what businesses have got.

Symantec helps businesses migrate their business critical applications to the cloud while providing high availability of hybrid infrastructure and applications, trusted security for data, applications and access, and consistent visibility and control of compliance standards. Symantecs broad portfolio can help address the following key considerations:

Transitioning IT resources from silos to shared pools

Virtualization has transformed familiar slow moving, well defined physical architectures into consolidated dynamic workloads that are now more quickly provisioned and resourced to meet increasing pace of business demands.

Scalable architectures that avoid performance bottlenecks

Creating architectures with distributed availability components across infrastructure and applications that allow coordinated resource allocations and pathways.

Scalable architectures that avoid performance bottlenecks

Resiliency across physical and virtual environments spanning heterogeneous platforms and applications; providing availability from application layer to the database and coordinating it across entire service to ensure optimal availability.

Scalable architectures that avoid performance bottlenecks

Minimizing risks associated with security breaches and compliance deficiencies.

VMware-Integrated Security Solutions

As IT business delivery model transforms from a static physical deployment, to consolidated virtual workloads, to on-demand service delivery Symantecs VMware-integrated virtualization security solutions can help achieving high levels of security and trust needed.

Driving high levels of protection and compliance businesses need

Mitigate the risks introduced by virtualization and achieve even greater protection than businesses thought possible in a purely physical environment. Whether organizations are trying to prevent unauthorized access, maintaining isolation and separation of systems, discovering and monitoring sensitive data, or consolidating log monitoring across virtual and physical infrastructure, with Symantec businesses can confidently accelerate virtualization initiatives to include even the most critical of applications and services.
Symantecs portfolio of VMware integrated software offers proven effectiveness, maximum performance, and centralized workflow automations across both physical and virtual platforms. Unlike many solutions that offer limited security effectiveness and scope, Symantec innovations offer complete protection, unparalleled performance, and intelligent integrations for customers needing to seamlessly extend security and compliance strategies to their virtual domain.
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