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Vast Edge offers Free MVP for TI 2019

To extend our support to tech inclusion 2019, Vast Edge is offering free MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development assistance to 3 most innovative and deserving startups. The cost for MVP Development ranges between $5,000 and $50,000, depending on different factors, like the idea, design, features, technology, and time required to build. With Free MVP, Vast Edge intends to provide funding (for cloud usage and MVP/POC - Proof of Concept) to innovative startups and entrepreneurs to validate their business idea and understand their pilot customer's needs.


Vast Edge is a huge supporter of tech inclusion as the company understands the value of inclusion, which brings an innovative workforce and hence the competitive advantages in the tech world. To encourage inclusive tech ecosystem, Vast Edge is once again contributing to support Tech Inclusion 2019. There were startups in Tech Inclusion 2018 that demonstrated some amazing and innovative products for accessibility. Voices of Innovation and IoT were the most common concepts amount these startups. In light of Tech Inclusion 2019 theme "Equity. Empowerment. Allyship", Vast Edge aims to assist the next generation of diverse innovators and startups.

About Vast Edge- Simplified Cloud Solution

Vast Edge provides Cloud migrations, monitoring, integrations, and analytics services to support hybrid cloud environments. Since 2004, Vast Edge has been assisting businesses to optimize their processes by utilizing proven tools and methods. Vast Edge has been recognized as one of the top cloud migration partners by Oracle and was also featured on Forbes.

Vast Edge is a global Oracle Cloud service provider, Oracle gold partner, velocity designation, and leading NetSuite SuiteLife partner. Vast Edge has immense knowledge of Oracle SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products with 100+ Trained Engineers and 40+ Oracle Certified experts to make your cloud journey smooth and successful. Vast Edge has assisted 70+ customers to successfully migrate them to Oracle cloud and has also implemented hundreds of projects with over 25 ERP projects for SMB (small and medium businesses). These projects include cloud migrations, extensions, IoT platform, integrations, backup, disaster recovery, and Oracle Analytics Cloud.

For a limited time, Vast Edge is offering free cloud migrations to support tech inclusion for Startups. Contact us to learn more.


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