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The ticket management system by Vast Edge is designed to enable users to automate the ticketing process. We have built this system to separate incoming new tickets into clear, customizable categories by defining the severity of the tickets. We have also put the ticket resolution status to easily distinguish between solved and open tickets. With this ticket management system, we have come up with the best help desk solution that works best for every client in a very precise manner.

Benefits of Ticket Management System by Vast Edge

The ticket management system, a help desk, is built to intake and solve service requests to provide complete client satisfaction. Some other benefits of using Ticket Management System are:

One-stop Solution:

It centralizes help desk requests into one system to prevent confusion and duplication, and provides fast resolution of the issues.


Easy Service Request Management:

The ticket management system simplifies the process of solving large volume of service requests by assigning it to the concerned person and approximate time to get it solved.


Automate Workflows:

Ticket management system can help automate workflows by putting all the information needed in one place and letting the team focus on the core issue.


Client Satisfaction and Retention:

Ticket management system help organizations effectively deliver help desk support services and ensure client satisfaction and retention.


Optimize Support Services:

This system can help optimize the helpdesk service by automating the ticket handling process.

Ticket Management System Features

Ticket management system is the process of collecting the query requests in the form of tickets, and then resolving them within the time limit.

Chat Integration:

Our ticket management system has an in-built chat feature, which allows the client and support person to interact anytime to get the updates.


Defined Priority of the Tickets:

We have integrated a feature that defines the severity of the tickets, so that the team could know which ticket has the higher priority to get resolved.


Report Generation:

The help desk offers a built-in reporting engine designed to ensure customer satisfaction and to have the proper work report of the ticket updates.


Custom Workflow Programming:

Work order management, edit profiles, modify & update information to provide full visibility into the status of your support tickets.


Automated Alerts & Notifications:

This software generates automated alerts and notifications for any new updates in the software that makes the task easy to perform further.


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