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Are you looking for a truck lease management software for your business? Are you facing issues in managing lease business? If the answer to any of these two questions is yes, then the truck lease management software by Vast Edge will be the best solution for your business. Our truck lease management software is simple and easy to use to manage your lease business requirements completely. This software manages many trucks that are on leased to the various clients as per their requirements. Our software will keep the complete inventory of all the registered trucks, trucks on lease with their unique VIN, clients detail etc.

Truck Lease Management Software has mainly two features, lease management for trucks inventory and journal entry handling in accounting part. This software creates EMI on the basis of the number of trucks that particular client has taken on leased and chosen time period for paying the EMI of the trucks. Then the software creates invoice on the monthly basis for the client, and it will be sent to customer every month.

Meet your Transportation Needs with Our Fleet Management

  • Complete Service Leasing

    Fleet inventory management, fleet financing, keeping journal entries in accounting, creating invoice according to the EMI.

  • Trucks on Lease with proper Maintenance & Guarantee checks

    Through our software, the client will be able to check all the information about the truck before leasing.

  • Proper Invoice Management

    The Software will create invoices depending on client's EMI and will send it to the clients every month.

  • Fleet Insight

    Monitor your fleets' efficiency and maintenance schedule in real-time.

Truck Lease Management Software Benefits

  • Efficient Operations

    The software helps to keep the inventory of the trucks, information of the leased truck and keeping journal ledger for the accounting purpose very conveniently.

  • Improved Efficiency

    This software keeps all the inventory information and leasing trucks information very precisely in digital format for improved efficiency.

  • Reduce Operational Risks

    This leasing software helps perform all the operations very conveniently and reducing the risk of data loss and repetitive data, so that the focus can only be on other core competencies.

  • Empower Businesses

    Manages inventory, accounts, information for the trucks on lease with the inbuilt functionalities in the software.


Basic Structure of Lease management Software

  1. Structure that shows Monthly EMI and overdue Payments
  2. Lease Listing Structure- Customer Information like ID, Trucks, Payment etc.
  3. Accounting Feature- Consists of all Accounting Features like Journal Entry, Cash Flow etc.
  4. Customer's Information
  5. Journal Entry Structure

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