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Affordable and efficient cloud-based disaster recovery (DR)

Veeam® enables Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) as part of a comprehensive availability strategy, embracing investments made in your datacenter and extending them through the hybrid cloud.
Affordable and efficient image-based replication delivers cloud-based disaster recovery for ALL applications (RTPO < 15 minutes) through the best and most trusted DRaaS providers across the globe.
IT departments can truly leverage the benefits of hybrid cloud architecture without sacrificing that critical direct line of communication and personal relationship with the DRaaS provider.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

IT departments then have the ability to shift this responsibility to a service provider they know and trust, while retaining the ability to configure and consume the service the way they want.

data center

Veeam Cloud Connect with advanced, image-based VM replication and provides fully integrated, fast and secure cloud-based DR through a service provider.

Service Providers: Build your business around Veeam-powered DRaaS

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

opportunity to sell cloud services to new and existing customers. Veeam Cloud Connect Replication for Service Providers makes DRaaS easy, profitable and practical for any customer environment, positively impacting your bottom line:

No dependency on third-party software, Reduce total cost of ownership at the platform, site, and organizational levels
Easy licensing for Monthly rental by the VM with no VM minimum
An established and growing market and channel Including 183,000 Veeam customers and 37,000 partners.
Zero competition from Veeam DRaaS

Veeam Enables DRaaS

Veeam defines DRaaS, by offering it as part of a comprehensive availability strategy, providing a consistent user experience and reducing overall cost to protect your data (backup + replication + cloud). Veeam delivers:
Affordable and efficient, imaged-based replication for true DR
Simple, straightforward licensing and pricing.
Ethernet unified network fabric with enterprise x86-architecture servers.
This approach DR for any workload:
Efficient, cost-effective and storage, application and OS-agnostic
Advanced networking capabilities
Veeam handles the networking for you without any complex setup or VPN one of the biggest challenges of DR testing and failover
Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy, simple and transparent for service providers to offer DRaaS, Veeam helps in operational efficiency with rapid provisioning of infrastructure from shared pools of computing, storage access, and network resources; facilitate scaling of

IT infrastructure

through unified, global, model-based management with service profiles.


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