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Does your cloud platform offer advanced protection to safeguard cloud data? Does your cloud platform offer consistent infrastructure and operability? Are advance implements and skillsets of your cloud architecture cutting your pockets? If the answer to any of these questions is Yes! VMWare cloud migration can help you in accelerating migration of enterprise data centre to the cloud while ensuring consistent infrastructure and operations. With VMware, you can assess workloads and reduce overall costs and risks.

Vast Edge Cloud Experience Skills

Why Vast Edge for VMWare Migration?

As we are all aware, VMWare has opened up migrations to top cloud platforms such as Azure, Google, Oracle, and AWS. We have been seeing a lot of interests from our customers inquiring about the migration process, architecture, timing, and cost to get their VMWare platforms migrated.
Since 2004, Vast Edge has been providing IT services to customers and VMWare support from 2012 onwards. We are a certified cloud service provider by Oracle, Microsoft and Google, with 80+ successful cloud migrations carried out in the last 3-4 years.
VMWare migrations by Vast Edge help customers to seamless move and make their applications operable on the cloud with none or minimal changes. We further assist in reducing labour costs and get better performance on cloud platforms for SMBs.

Why Migrate to the Cloud with VMware?

VMware deploys a cloud operating model to build, run, manage, connect and protect all of your apps on any cloud. The VMWare multi-cloud solution delivers:

Apply Policies Consistently

Orchestrates security and governance policies consistently for various types of workload deployed across the data centre and the cloud.

Balance Resources

Leverage the same skills you use in the data centre on the cloud. Consolidate data centres and extend to the public cloud at a minimum cost.

Minimize Costs

Resource management across clouds with a custom-tailored model for all apps. Enables faster service delivery at lower cost and risk for all types of apps.

Move Workloads Faster

Fast pace your digital business initiatives by rapidly migrating workloads without reimaging or refactoring.

Migrate at Scale

Build, run, scale and manage modern apps on any cloud, meeting diverse needs with on-premises and public cloud resources.

Choose the Optimal Environment

Manage both container-based workloads and traditional VM-based workloads on a single platform.

VMWare Migration to Oracle Cloud

Vast Edge provisions a cloud VMware solution that helps you migrate VM workloads to Oracle cloud without architecting applications or retooling operations. Leveraging customer tenancy, Vast Edge orchestrates apps migration without any hassle and modernize it simultaneously. Our VMware solutions are designed on existing VMware skillsets and tooling that help in avoiding latency cause due to porting apps, refactoring code, or resolving configuration differences.

  • Complete control over the cloud stack

    Vast Edge provisions for full administrative permissions to customers including root access which ensures complete control over H/W and S/W environments.

  • Isolated and dedicated environment

    Offers single-tenancy solution for your workload demands and avoids the resource contention found in competitive, multitenant environments.

  • Security-aided architecture

    Our custom solution deploys Oracle Cloud's security-first design architecture that utilizes built-in tenant isolation, least privilege access, and data encryption at rest to reduce risk.

  • Networking and Connectivity

    Vast Edge's OCI configurations are fast, reliable, and secured. We further ensure encrypted networking for sensitive apps like OLTP, HPC, and real-time streaming.

  • Seamless cloud migration

    Our cloud migration experts follows standard practices while deploying cloud architectures and processes. We configure your cloud environment to match on-premises capabilities and keep them in-sync.

VMWare Migration to Azure Cloud

Vast Edge's Azure VMware solution helps companies migrate their workloads and allows them to leverage Azure environment at its fullest. Vast Edge also ensures a seamless running, management, and secure application across Azure-VMware environment with a common framework. We offer Azure Assessment tool that aid SMBs to analyse readiness, suitability, cost planning, performance-based rightsizing, and application dependencies for migrating their workloads.

  • Modernize Apps

    Enhance VMware applications with dedicated and high-performance infrastructure with Azure products and services. Vast Edge further scales and automates VMware workloads on global Azure infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive Assessment

    Vast Edge intelligently access enterprise's datacentre to orchestrates custom pricing and migration strategy including tool recommendations for migrating VMware workloads.

  • Advanced Storage Solution

    VMWare migration to Azure efficiently address enterprises' storage needs and provide features like cloud-based block, object, file, archive, and local NVMe storage.

  • Business Analytics and Data Science

    We provide robust BI and analytics capabilities to SMBs by leveraging the latest bare metal or virtual machine GPUs.

  • Advanced Mobility Services

    We enable replication to store data in vault to safeguard it, which further are replicated using advanced computing and are spun up into an Azure

VMWare Migration to GCP

Vast Edge's GCP VMWare solution aids SMBs in migrating VM workloads to cloud using proven tools while reducing the cost by up to 40%. We inculcate a two-tier web app based assessment to improve and fast pace the migration process. With G-VMware solution, Vast Edge delivers in-minutes provisioning and informed decisions while deriving new insights from existing data sets.

  • High Performance & Availability

    Vast Edge orchestrates top-notch network and infrastructure with speed capabilities of up to 100Gbps to ensure 99.99% availability and meet all the SLAs.

  • Safety Net for Any Complication

    Vast Edge also configures an on-premise rollback mechanism to eliminate and probability of loss due to unforeseen circumstances.an Azure

  • Seamless and Automated Adaptation

    No manual changes to the apps, images, networks, storage, or drivers is required while migrating OS and architecture.

  • Clone Testing Ability

    Leveraging the GC-VMWare engine, Vast Edge provisions for testing of production workloads and data directly in the cloud.

  • GC-VMWare Engine

    Vast Edge deploys a custom tool for quick, flexible and secure VM migration.

Vast Edge's GCP VMWare solution aids SMBs in migrating VM workloads to cloud using proven tools while reducing the cost by up to 40%. We inculcate a two-tier web app based assessment to improve and fast pace the migration process. With G-VMware solution, Vast Edge delivers in-minutes provisioning and informed decisions while deriving new insights from existing data sets.

VMWare Migration Checklist

Follow this checklist to keep a track of the work before, during, and after your vRealize Automation migration.

Phases of Migration Steps
  1. Deploy a vRealize Automation installation.
  2. Back up the current installation.
  3. Validate all prerequisites.
  4. Prepare the target with pre-migration tasks.
  5. Run a test migration.
During Migration
  1. Run Migration: After the test migration is verified and successful, run your production migration according to these Migration Procedures.
  1. Post migration tasks.
  2. Validate migrated environment.
  3. Migration for version scenario check.

About Vast Edge - Simplified Cloud Solutions

Since 2004, Vast Edge has been providing cloud services including ERP implementation, integrations, migrations, data analytics, and application development. Vast Edge was recently recognized in the Forbes Magazine as the top velocity partner and is also a certified Oracle, Azure, Google, and AWS cloud partner.
In these tough times, due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Vast Edge is offering Free Cloud Assessments, Free Bronze support for CSP customers, and Free access to software tools such as ticketing, finance, CRM (limitations apply). Contact us for cloud provisioning at competitive pricing, backed by a team of 100+ certified and experienced staff with high quality 24 x 7 help desk support.


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