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Waste Management Software Benefits

Simple and easy to use cloud-based software by Vast Edge for hazardous waste disposal management. Create waste profile, monitor the progress, analyze the performance with absolute 24*7 access.

Empower Businesses

Manage waste disposal profiles, recycling plans with inbuilt customization on their own.

Mitigate Risks

Remove repetitive manual work and costly errors with automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Improve Efficiency

Efficient sales order, instant access and communication with paperless digital format.

Generate Revenue

More focus on selling and stronger clients relationships- increase business opportunities.

Waste Management Software - Orders, Shipping Manifest & tracking, Profiles, tiered security access by location, company, bill to, generators (includes 10 user licenses)

$1000/ month

Dashboard Reporting and Insights

With business intelligence reporting, Vast Edge allows in-depth analysis, inspection, and transformation of data with detailed summaries to accomplish business objectives.
Generate Reports

Measure real-time business performance with unlimited access anywhere, anytime.

Cost Evaluation

Analyze cost for each activity, calculate profit per day, optimize operations to reduce cost.

Customized Output data

Visualization of current and past data KPIs, track changes and share reports.

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