ImaginAb is a pioneering biotech company, innovating for tomorrow with modern radiopharmaceutical advances. They assist physicians with the precise insight they need to make smarter, more timely decisions on treatment paths, while delivering greater comfort and quality of life to patients. They are also utilizing our antibody fragment platform technologies to develop best-in-class therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.
ImaginAb team is has medical experts and scientific innovators that are confident to become the new standard in routine patient management; accelerating the progression of clinical trials, transforming patient care and helping people live better, healthier lives.

Problem Statement

ImaginAb was looking for a platform where they can manage their dose order processing with a vision to transform patient care, and help patients live better and healthier lives.

Our Solution

We understand that ImaginAb was looking for a platform to manage their dose order processing in a better way. So, after deep research Vast Edge created an automated platform using Oracle Apex where their clinical users can request dose orders for their patients and ImaginAb can track the whole process from requesting the dose order to its manufacturing and delivery.

  1. Clinical Sites request dose order from ImaginAb for a particular study.
  2. Clinical sites download the temperature data report and upload to the cloud-based system.
  3. ImaginAb then approves the request and assigns a CMO to the dose order.
  4. This report gets reviewed by the manufacturing site, and then provides a conditional CoA and batch release certificate (BRC) to clinical sites and ImaginAb and assigns a courier if needed.
  5. Courier then delivers the dose order to the clinical sites.
  6. Courier then Updates in the cloud-based platform once the dose has been delivered and clinical sites returns the shipping containers to CMO.

All users can request new users for their entity


  1. Easy-to-manage platform for the complete process management.
  2. Easily track the whole process from requesting the dose order to its manufacturing and delivery.
  3. Easily send request dose orders for the patients.

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