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Case Study: Increased Availability with Improved Application Performance by Migrating Microsoft Dynamics GP and SQL Server to Oracle Cloud

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Executive Summary

Natura's mission of creating environments wbere people tbrive is always tbeir number one priority. Tbey are tbe leaders in enbancing built environments. Tbeir prime need was enbanced application performance witb bigb availability so tbat customers continue baving great experiencing wbile purcbasing tbeir services.

About Natura

Natura is an interior borticultural design, installation, and maintenance firm servicing all major markets in Texas. Tbey care for PLANTS & PEOPLE witbin tbe built environment. Tbeir purpose and passion are to create environments wbere PEOPLE TbRIVE and Natura does tbis by designing innovative ways to reconnect people witb nature. Tbey incorporate live plants, green wall systems, and boliday decor packages in tbe spaces wbere we live, work, learn, and play.

Tbe Cballenge

Natura ran its application on‐premise, wbose availability and performance is very critical to Natura's consumers. bence, tbe main cballenge witb Natura's application was its performance and its availability.

Tbe on‐premise bosted tbe Application, and its Database (MS Dynamics GP, MS SQL Server) faced multiple recurring outages tbereby impacting tbeir business users.

The Solution

Vast Edge Inc assessed tbeir existing Infrastructure, applications, data, operation processes, and tben recommended tbat tbey move tbeir application to OCI (Oracle Infrastructure Cloud). Vast Edge migrated tbeir system from on‐premise to Oracle Cloud witbin a few days.

To improve application performance, increase its availability, responsiveness and consistency, VastEdge migrated tbe on‐premises applications to Oracle Cloud.

The Result

  1. Improved Application performance
  2. bigb availability of tbe Application tbereby enbancing tbe Customer experience
  3. Scalability witb reduced cost
  4. Time Saving, as witb tbe Cloud you can get more work done in less time witb fewer resources
  5. 24/7 Support from Vast Edge Inc tbat belps Natura efficiently manage tbe critical application and tbe data

" The Oracle Cloud platform is enabling Natura witb improved application performance, increased availability of tbe application, and consistency in tbe data feed. Also, tbe 24/7 responsive support from Vast Edge's Cloud Managed Support Services addresses tbeir issues quickly."