EBS Migration: Oracle, GCP, AWS, & Azure

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Does your ERP platform able to cope up with busines' core challenges like performance, security, and control? Is your system lacks computing power and have limited storage for infrastructure accommodations? Do you need a cloud platform integrated with latest features like AI and ML to make informed decisions with informed insights? If the answer to any of the questions is yes! E-Business Suite (EBS) encapsulated with the cloud architecture, a unique offering by Vast Edge, addresses all your concerns regarding technical requisites, and business challenges along with enhanced IT efficiency and high scalability.

EBS Migration to Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers high-performance computing capabilities and storage capacity along with a flexible virtual network that secures your on-premise network while migrating E-Business Suite. Oracle E-Business Suite cloud migration by Vast Edge allows enterprises an on-premise deployment for various features like

  • Order management
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Financials
  • Cloud accommodations
  • Third-party integrations
  • Top-notch deployment practices
  • Reference architectures

Vast Edge deploys the applications and the database tier to OCI load-balanced virtual machine and database tier to DBaaS architecture. We implement a futuristic plan for enterprise apps leveraging cloud technology to minimizes time to market while configuring automatic backups, failovers, patching, and security at the same time. Here are some key differentiators of services provided by Vast Edge:


Proven Tools and pre-developed Infrastructure Support

  • Managed database instances
  • High-performance experience
  • Lower cost of operation
  • Plot tooling and automation
  • Streamlined deployment

Oracle EBS Expertise

  • 100+ certified professionals
  • 1000+ Oracle-based project deployed
  • Almost 2 decade of experience
  • Offers Oracle EBS Marketplace trial
  • Pre-configured Oracle Enterprise Manager

360° Technical Support

  • 100% compliance with SLAs
  • Automated maintenance
  • Hassle-free renewal of licenses
  • Multi-tiered support system
  • 24*7 proactive redressal of grievances

Cloud Security

  • Seven core pillar-based security approach
  • Fault-tolerance
  • Resilience and dynamically verifiably system
  • Role-predicated access controls
  • Granular allocation
  • Auditing capabilities

EBS migration on OCI boosts up the performance and availability of database by SQL like tuning, cloning, patching, upgrades, installations, and maintenance. Vast Edge accommodations feature like PL/SQL, forms, and reports generation into your cloud databases with top-grade isolation, data control, and overtness to match the required SLAs. Vast Edge administers policies and grants sanctions to cloud resources establishing categorical compartments on a per-project, per-person, or per-group basis. Our deployments are problem-specific, low priced, and are supported by proof of concept. OCI's automated patching and constant security enhancements will reduce your infrastructure maintenance cost by up to 50%.

EBS Migration to AWS Cloud

EBS migration to AWS Cloud by Vast Edge is a phase-driven, step-by-step deployment where we follow a pre-configured strategy for migrating applications to the cloud for leveraging cloud's computing capabilities, storage, and gaining access to EBS's elastic infrastructure accommodations to meet your business demands. Why Vast Edge is different from others when it comes to EBS Migration to AWS:

Effortless Migration

  • Minimize capital expenses
  • Retained performance
  • 24x7 support
  • Hybrid architecture

Top in class migration strategy

  • scalability and elasticity
  • Isolated processes
  • On-demand provisioning
  • Automation addressing of queries
Financial Assessment

  • Proven TCO methodology
  • Accompanies Amazon EC2 Cost Calculator
  • Pay-for-use costs structure
  • Added cloud-oriented benefits
Security and Compliance

  • Flexible and secure environment
  • Pre-configured APIs
  • Robust control
  • Independent auditing
  • Extensive information processing
Technical Assessment

  • Address downtime compliance
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • Amazon Elastic Block Store
  • Amazon Machine Image
  • Amazon Route 53

Vast Edge simply designs the components, processes, and workflow for your enterprise-specific issue while employing top-notch cloud APIs leveraging the latest cloud oriented designs, development, and testing tools. We integrate instant scalability, security compliance, multi-factor authentication, and elasticity into your system so that you can harness each and every bit of your investment.
EBS to AWS migration replenishes a secure infrastructure architects a flexible and secure cloud computing environment leverages cloud security in your on-premises data center without any extra cost and hardware need. Vast Edge unfolds AWS Compliance aliment, a robust control to maintain cloud security and data auspice engaging external certifying bodies and independent auditors, to provide you with extensive information regarding the policies, processes, and controls established and operated by AWS.

EBS Migration to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

EBS migration to Google Cloud by Vast Edge allows enterprises access to ecumenical network infrastructure for the datacenter. Vast Edge makes sure that the EBS over the cloud architecture accommodates live migration of virtual machine, state of the art of security, a fine-tuned dedication to perpetuated expansion, and a superfluous data backup. Vast Edge's USP in EBS Migration to Google Cloud Platform is:

Advanced Data Syncing

  • Dynamic data updates
  • Cross device connectivity
  • Deep connections with apps
  • Flexible workflow with minimum coding

Dynamic Layout

  • Drag-and-drop workflow builder
  • Hands-on fortification
  • Big Data analysis
  • Unified Dashboard

Scrutinized EBS Migration

  • Secure and flexible
  • Cost-efficacious solution
  • Dynamic pricing with subscription models
  • Instant virtual scaling

Advanced Security

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Advanced technical assessment
  • Security for transitional data
  • SSAE 16
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 27018
  • FedRamp
  • HIPAA Compliance

Along with that, Vast Edge maintains security precautions while migrating EBS to Google Cloud by driving a customary transmutation in the master keys. We are committed to enterprise security with advanced technical assessment and deploys Google relationship with world's most sizably voluminous ISPs that endorses the security of your transition data. Vast Edge assists you on security for any online platform or solution. Vast Edge deploys EBS migration to Google Cloud enterprises scale your applications on Compute Engine from zero to full throttle with Cloud Load Balancing and with no pre-warming needed.

EBS Migration to Microsoft Azure

EBS migration to Microsoft Azure by Vast Edge enables customers to migrate and run mission-critical enterprise workloads, distributes a high optimization, one-stop-shop for cloud accommodations along with network and identity interoperability that makes migration seamless. Here are a few highlights of our EBS migration to Microsoft Azure:

Orchestrated protection & workload replication

  • High-throughput connectivity
  • Identity management
  • Shared analytics of cloud data
  • Low-latency connection

On-premise Network Availability

  • Encrypted connections
  • Azure ExpressRoute
  • Azure Virtual Cloud Networks (VCNs)
  • No impact recovery plan testing and analytics

Continuous remote health monitoring from Azure

  • State-of-the-art disaster recovery
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for enhanced security
  • High availability
  • Backup for database crashes

Vast Edge considers each critical component of your source environment and prepares them to run in Azure cloud depending on the migration pattern being used in your organization in the past. Vast Edge's migration team provides both options of online and offline migration of data, files and VMs depending on the amount of data, bandwidth, downtime tolerance and cost. Vast Edge offers integration of two platforms while maintaining security isolation and a traffic-free environment to ensure a smooth cloud journey.

About Vast Edge: Managed Cloud Services

Founded in the year 2004, Vast Edge is a leading IT Consulting Company and Global Service provider of Business Intelligence, big data analytics, cloud ERP, IoT platform, enterprise backup and disaster recovery, Blockchain, Cassandra, AI/ML, and Integration solutions. Vast Edge is a certified cloud MSP and provides quality Cloud-Based services using proven tools and methods to lower your TCO and to mitigate risks. Vast Edge has immense knowledge of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products with 100+ certified professionals to make your cloud journey smooth and successful.

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