$69/month (250GB)
  • NetSuite Backup
  • Offsite Backup
  • Near Real-time Syncing
$250/month (500GB)
  • NetSuite Backup + Restore
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Multi-level Redundancy
$960/ month (1TB)
  • NetSuite Backup + Restore + Apps
  • Finance, CRM, Leasing, Ticketing, Project Management, Price Guide (15 User Licenses Included)

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NetSuite Backup and Disaster Recovery

If we will not be prepared for the recovery of any harmful unplanned data loss event or corruption in advance, then the chances of data loss can lead enterprises go out of their businesses. Oracle NetSuite is an integrated ERP suite offering features like a 3rd party reporting tool, data access through different RDBMS, and a point-in-time reporting tool for analysis.

Vast Edge is a "Global Gold Partner" Oracle and is a leading MSP of integrated cloud ERP software. Integrated NetSuite solution by Vast Edge ensures seamless business continuity by securely backing and syncing of your data in a near real-time environment to Oracle cloud storage or Oracle Autonomous Database.

For NetSuite Cloud ERP Backup Using Drivers: Click here

Why we should Rely on NetSuite for Backup and DR?

Vast Edge addresses all the challenges of NetSuite data extraction and facilitates backup and disaster recovery procedures for businesses by allowing data to restored from an earlier point in time to help the business recover from an unplanned event. Key features of NetSuite Backup and Disaster Recovery solution offered by Vast Edge are:

Incorporated Backup

Vast Edge provides a complete incorporated backup solution to businesses to export their NetSuite data with data filtering options, multiple methods of storing data along with resume backup process, and sync that data continuously with cloud servers.

Disaster Recovery System

Vast Edge guarantees a running time of 99.5% backed by transparent SLAs. While NetSuite has achieved a record uptime of 99.96% in the last five years, Vast Edge's deployed projects have an uptime of 100%.

Offsite Backup

Our network expert incorporates a multiplexed redundant system that automates processing in scenarios of interruption from the application server or failure of the network component.


Vast Edge encourages storage space for business data and also reduces data inadequacy. Vast Edge has developed adapters to extract data in a more meaningful format to construct their data warehouse and run audit trail / advanced analytics on various business processes such as forecasting, what if cash flow analysis, shop floor planning, and marketing research.

Multi-level Redundancy

Besides making online server-based backups, Vast Edge ensures that your data is secured at some offline secured location to avoid any accidental disaster. This data backup and migration method can be applied to smaller accounts without JDBC as well for larger NetSuite install that have this JDBC integration feature enabled.

Strong Service Level Agreement

NetSuite backup solution provided by Vast Edge enables businesses to leverage this near real-time data to export, extend, integrate, and better analyze the data set. This system creates redundant data in multiple data centers that reduce the risk data loss in case of any disaster.

Vast Edge offers a customized range of secure, reliable and optimized industrial solutions based on ERP assessment of organizations. Vast Edge has successfully implemented hundreds of projects with over 25 ERP projects for SMB. These projects include Cloud App Migrations, Cloud System Integrations, NetSuite Backup and Disaster Recovery architecture.

Vast Edge's NetSuite Backup & Disaster Recovery Architecture

NetSuite DR offering by Vast Edge integrates a feature-rich GUI interface to manage your daily activities. This dynamic dashboard's data will then be re-integrated with NetSuite backup solution using Oracle Integration Cloud. The NetSuite backup architecture is secured by multi-layered encryption that resides on a protocol authenticated network, and updates records in near real-time. Vast Edge understands that successful data migration is the cornerstone in the path of application deployments, analytics workflows, and machine learning innovations, therefore, follows the best practices to smoothen the cloud migration for businesses.

  • Our backup solution has an auto validation algorithm that compares metrics like data amounts, user credentials, and access records for removing redundancies.
  • Vast Edge's NetSuite solution has an integrated AI engine that optimizes your database by storing all the exceptions in a separate database table which can be fetched whenever required.
  • The comprehensive backup solution offered by Vast Edge enables business growth and 24x7 convenient access to NetSuite data using tools such as Oracle APEX and Oracle Analytics.
  • Vast Edge automates backup to prevent data loss and improve business continuity with minimal downtime and quick retrieval of synchronized data center applications.
  • Cloud experts at Vast Edge improve your business process by leveraging the stored data to perform cloud analytics functions. At the same time, it reduces the operation cost by providing analytics access to non-NetSuite users.
  • By using the Integrated NetSuite offering by Vast Edge, you can get access to data auditing which is an affordable way to back up your data especially if you are a small or medium enterprise.

Leveraging the NetSuite SuiteLife partnership, Vast Edge leverages the NetSuite SuiteLife's knowledge center, NetSuite Analytics workbook, and Advance Partner Support (APS). Our cloud experts extend 24/7 response and assistance while ensuring the smooth implementation of architecture, increased productivity, and world-class customer satisfaction.

Security features offered in Vast Edge's Integrated NetSuite Solution:

Vast Edge maintains customers' privacy providing a private connection between the on-premise network and cloud infrastructure. Some key differentiators of Vast Edge's security solutions:

Industry Grade Encryption

For transmitting data and user credentials, Vast Edge uses industry-standard encryption protocol and cipher suite. Our Integrated NetSuite solution supports custom encrypted APIs integrating token-based app authentication and multi-factor end-user authentication.

Role-Level Access and Idle Disconnect

Vast Edge performs a complete audit trail keeping a track of every transaction through user credentials and a timestamp. Leveraging this information of audit, enterprises can assign any specific role with specific permissions to any end-user.

IP Address Restrictions

Vast Edge also filter the restrictions and credentials of any end-user that can access the NetSuite account from any device or location to reduces the risk of unauthorized third party's access. This feature is particularly useful for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Robust Password Policies

Vast Edge's Integrated NetSuite solution offers top-notch password configuration including parameters like length of the password, OTP, and time-based expiration. For further strengthening the password, we ensure that every new password varies from the prior one.

About Vast Edge - Simplified Cloud Solutions

Founded in the year 2004, Vast Edge is a leading IT Consulting Company and Global Service provider of services like:

  • Business Intelligence
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  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Artificial Intelligence &Machine Learning
  • Since 2004, Vast Edge has been providing cloud migration and consulting services and has assisted 70+ customers to successfully migrate to cloud technology. Vast Edge has immense knowledge of cloud-based SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products with 100+ Trained Engineers and 40+Oracle Certified experts to make your cloud journey smooth and successful.

    Vast Edge performs app modernization following a continuous change management, and implement advanced practices while working on the key areas of enhancing methodologies of project development.

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